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: good news for Kennebec Salmon

05-03-2002, 07:35 AM
The National Academy of Science has determined that the Kennebecs Salmon are wild and distinct. In an earlier summary they did not aknowledge them. After reviewing the document provided to them by Freinds of the Kennebec Salmon they revisted the Kennebec. They were very interested in the rivers potential since the removal of the Edwards Dam. On April 19 they came out for a tour of the river and were impressed. They were so impressed that they recommended that the state not stock the river with salmon. They felt this would be detrimental to the Kennebecs wild and distinct present population.

The NAOS became involved when Maines salmon were listed as an endangered species. The governor and Maines congressional delegation brought in the NAOS in to review the listing. This was thier last ditch effort to dicredit the listing and Maines wild salmon. The academy after a year long review supported the listing.

This is a real victory for Kennebec Salmon. Up untill now they have been the ugly step children of Maines Salmon. Now they have been recognized for what they truly are distinct, wild and incredibly tenacious and adaptable to survive in this river against all odds.

05-03-2002, 09:43 AM
Tim -

This is one of the best things I've heard in ages concerning atlantics in the United States. For decades those few like you and I and others we know who visualize wild a/s thriving in the northeast before the industrial error (era) have been clinging to a small ray of hope that these salmon might return to the US someday.

Most of society either has no interest or their interest is squashed by the reality that we've made the ideal of wild atlantics thriving in America remote at best. This confirms that it is not just a dream but a potential, not just a wish but a goal.

This is a victory for those who believe there is an inherent value to earth unadulterated, and a loss for those who only see the value of a natural resource in terms of dollars and cents. In the end, a successful recovery would mean much to the economy as well.


05-16-2002, 10:36 AM

Thanks for the update. Here's an older site that is full of the background information on the long struggle to get the Kennebec Salmon some recognition and help. Excellent pictures and links to the dam removal story.

Anyone with more recent information would be appreciated if they made the information/links available.

There is an old Greek saying that a civilization is highly developed when its elders plant a tree knowing they will never sit in the shade of that tree. Atlantic Salmon restoration is still a long shot and a tenuous gamble, but I can't think of a better legacy for my son and daughters (unless it would be Eastcoast steelhead runs in the Charles River !! )