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: ? Emerald Isle, NC ? Taking a trip there

05-02-2002, 07:05 PM
Questions about fishing the barrier islands near Emerald Isle, NC.

I am planning to be at Emerald Isle, NC, from the 19th of May thru the 25th. I hope to do a little surf fly fishing there. Looking for info on what flys and techniques that might be appropriate. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I am fairly new to FlyFishing.com. Is this an appropriate place for this kind of question?


05-03-2002, 04:52 PM
Surprised we haven't heard from Capt.Gordon on this one... he must be away from the computer... doing' something on the water! ;)

05-04-2002, 11:05 AM
Juro is correct, I was away. I hope that Papa-G gets this in time.
I will not be available the 19-25 of May. There will be some fish around for you to cast to from the beach. Spanish mackerel mainly. You will want to stop in and visit with my friend Dr. Bogus. He runs a funky shop that caters to beachgoers and he sells a few fishing items and makes crafts out of shells and stuff he gathers. Great guy. If you hook up with him in advance he can take you out surf fishing. He fishes every morning. He has access to some areas that you may not be able to get to otherwise. Check out http://www.ncoif.com and http://www.drbogus.com or you can simply phone him at 252-354-4905. Tell him I sent you. He even sells some flies (that I tied). He doesn't flyfish but we fish together often enough so he knows the deal. There isn't anybody else there doing surf fishing trips but him. He can take you to the inlet that you won't be able to get to unless you are staying right on the beach near there. Even if you don't fish with him he can point you in the right direction and get you going and tell you some decent spots. I hope you enjoy your trip to Bogue Banks. It's quite nice and the folks are really about the most pleasant you will ever find in a beach area. Check out my website to find flies that you may want to tie.

05-04-2002, 02:43 PM
I just received this email from my friend Dr Bogus. He does a radio show every monday morning and sends an outline out to freinds of his. Pretty timely:

WTKF Radio for May 6, 2002. Surf fishing Bogue Banks-Where To.

7:30AM Monday 05/06/02
WTKF 107.3 FM and now WJNC 1240 AM
247-7282 (Carteret Co.), 346-2255 (Onslow Co.), 1-800-818-2255

1. Bogue Banks 30 miles long, but where can you surf fish, and what are the facilities?
a. Inlets (Inlet and surf fishing, strong currents, deep water)
i. Bogue, erosion sandbags, no parking, nice shoals, bike, dropoff/pickup.
(1) Handicapped parking only
ii. Beaufort, at Ft. Macon, parking, rest facilities, 8AM-8PM in May.
(1) Rock Jetties
(a) Big at the Ft. fish on jetty (hazardous) or on either side (ocean or inlet side)
(b) Small at east end of public swimming beach
b. Piers (fish next to any pier for structure and secondary structure)
i. Triple-S, Oceanana, Sportsman, Sheraton (open to public), Bogue Inlet
ii. Pier-oids, Indian Beach, Emerald Isle, Iron Steamer
(1) bits and pieces of submerged pilings, wrecks (EIP, ISP) etc.
(2) Fish the old pilings and structure, flounder in summer, trout in fall
c. Public beaches
i. Ft. Macon (at inlet and west beach)
(1) Bathing beach is big, lots of parking bath house, small jetty (drum)
ii. Atlantic Beach at the Circle and a regional access just to the west of Circle
iii. Carteret Co. Park and Rec. access in Salter Path
iv. Access at Beach Rd. in Indian Beach (Squatters Restaurant)
v. Emerald Isle East Regional access (old EI Pier)
vi. Emerald Isle NEW West Regional access, new rest facilities and pavilion
(1) Next to the Islander Motel
vii. Hammocks Beach State park/Bear Island (camping, ferry/boat access, ? mile walk from ferry ($1-$2) to
beach), new visitor's center (SR 1511).
viii. http://www.ils.unc.edu/parkproject/ncparks.html
ix. http://www.ncsparks.net
2. Beach conditions
a. Piers (fish next to any pier for structure and secondary structure)
b. Bogue Inlet, almost no place to fish INLET channel at high tide, low tide,100 yds.
c. Flat, gradual slopes best fishing at near low tide or on the low incoming tide, hard to fish at high
tides. Reading sandy beach best at low tide.
d. PKS/IB beach nourishment
i. Was, dark, very compacted, very shelly.
ii. Now, lighter, softer, shells sorting out, still a lot (great olive hunting).
iii. Ghost crabs in evidence
iv. Missing food/coquina, mole crabs. Couple years like hurricane recovery
v. Effect on fishing-mostly bottom feeders vs blues/Spanish

05-05-2002, 05:06 PM

Thank you Captain Gordon. I have been looking at the topo maps of the area and have found where Dr. Bogus' is located. From where we will be staying he is about a half mile from where we will be staying. Our directions to the cottage is turn right at the first light after crossing the bridge and go to the ocean. The cottage is right there. I'll report on the success of the trip on my return.

Thank you aagain for your help


05-07-2002, 06:56 AM
You may not be too far from the inlet from your directions to the cottage. Have a good trip down here in my neck of the world.