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: Alexandra: Dave Fix's trout fly swap fly

John Desjardins
04-22-2002, 12:08 PM
I'm posting this one for Dave Fix, The description is his.

The fly name is 'Alexandra', taken from an old fly pattern book.

It's simplicity is obvious. Modern instructions allow us to use several variants to accomplish tying. Old instructions call for older materials like flat tinsel, which I think is too brittle.

Hook: Mustad Viking 6x Streamer - I forget ## - size 12 or your choice.
Thread: Danville Flat Wax Nylon
Tail: Duck, Goose, Turkey, what have you. You could probably sub in several Marabou barbs.
Body: Metallic Embroidery Floss.
Throat: Black Hackle Barbs
Wing: Peacock Herl

Instructions: Wind FWN front to back; apply head cement the length. Tie in several barbs of choice of red tail feather.

Using floss allows tie-in of one layer at bend above hookpoint, then winding forward. If you prefer to do the old way, tie FWN in behind eye, tie in floss, wind down to point slightly behind hookpoint, tie in tail; wind floss to tail, knot with FWN, return (reverse winding direction axially) to within 1/8-3/16" of eye.

To the point of winding: you may choose to flatten the floss for a thinner body. To flatten, take a length and actually spread twists at one end. Apply to top of hook with one or two holding windings - not gripping, just holding. Then, consolidate tag ends and floss body on the winding angle, bringing strands shoulder to shoulder;
tighten windings, knot off. Wind FWN to 1/8-3/16" behind eye, secure and hang thread. Wind floss in direction, taking care to splay strands, flattening and tensioning as you wind. Fill body profile, tie in and cut off as noted near eye.

Build small FWN shoulder against floss; whip and cement to hold. Tie in throat. Tie in your choice of number (several) strands Peacock Herl against shoulder, matching tail length or just beyond.
Build small tapered head, whip and cement finish.

This is really a lot more words than the picture or the fly demand. I like it's all-purpose look.