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: Orvis Safe Passage Chest Pack

04-21-2002, 08:51 PM
I have yet to find a vest I like and because of that everything is carried around with me in one of those killer Sage Guideline backpacks or thrown into the pockets of my Guide Jacket.

But at times, this gets to be a pain as I do not need all that lead and all those corkies and pink worms when I am walking the banks of the Stilly in the summer and the Guide Jacket is a little much for the hot sunny days of mid-August.

Did I mention, I have yet to find a vest that I like???...well anyways, Orvis donated a Safe Passage Chest Pack for a Wild Steelhead Coalition raffle (thank you very much) and the second I saw that chest pack/backpack I knew it was a must have as it would fit everything that I was looking for in a vest-something with very little bulk but lots of carrying space. I (as well as Doublespey as he was drooling over the chest pack too) crossed my fingers when it came up for the raffle but my number was not drawn.

Anyways, I found it on Orvis's website and saw it in their catolog and to my surprise it was only $49 dollars :whoa: and now I want it even more then before.

Does anyone have any experiences with this pack??? Any opinions??? And why is this pack only $49???

Might have to do something I just absolutely hate to do...buy a piece of fishing related merchandise at full price. :devil:

04-22-2002, 04:13 AM
I just bought a Williams & Joseph "Coastal" chest back with a similar design, however the Coastal is considerably more expensive. I wish I had checked out that Orvis chest pack.

04-28-2002, 01:09 AM
I was able to see that $49 chest pack at an Orvis store. I didn't think it was that nice. Check out the $95 Safe Passage Chest/Backpack Combo which is a similar design--it's much nicer. It has more pockets on the dual chest pack compartments and the backpack is something you can actually carry stuff in, and it comes with a hydration bladder. One thing to realize with the back packs and the vest back pockets is that if the weight in them is not somehow supported then the front of the vest or chest pack is going to slide up to your neck like a bib. That $95 Orvis model has a wide chest strap that you can cinch up tight around your chest to support the weight in the pack. I still think a hydration bladder might be a bit too much weight, but I did put some big fly fishing books in the back and it seemed comfortable to wear.

Is that the Simms Guide Jacket you mentioned in your post? Any recommendations?

04-28-2002, 02:08 AM
SIMMS, SIMMS, SIMMS. The Guide Jacket is worth the money given the features....if you can not drop 3 and a half bones, buy the Raincloud. It is a very popular, packable subsitute to the Guide Jacket that many prefer because it is lighter. It runs $250.