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: Carolina report :-)

04-18-2002, 06:43 AM
Bonito and bass are the words of the day here in the old north state (North Carolina). Bonito are along the coast from Wrightsville Beach to Atlantic Beach. We got them at AR-315 out of Beaufort Inlet and it has been quite good a bit further south off of Bogue Inlet and New River Inlet. Water temp at Atlantic Beach was 63.5. Almost perfect. 65 is prime time. We also caught bluefish on flies, not too big though. The third guy in the boat was jigging the bottom while the other two guys cast with 350 grain sinking lines and size 1 chartreuse/white clousers. The jigs brought up bluefish, sea bass, gray trout, sea mullet and the ever present pinfish.

Striped bass fishing on the Roanoke has yet to hit full stride. The water is still very low. There are fish to be caught but you have to work for them. You may get lucky and be in the right spot when a school swims by. We have been finding some fish in deeper holes (10 feet +) downstream from Weldon and around rock ledges in the river. As always with spawning runs, this could change in a heartbeat, hopefully as I am sitting here typing this. Sinking shooting head is still my flyline of choice. Even though the water is shallow we are searching out the deeper water to find the fish and you need to get down to the bottom NOW.

I will be away from computers for a few days.