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: Cabbage Patch Shrimp Flies

04-17-2002, 04:01 PM
Yeah I see ... nobody's been posting any flies lately. Weathers' to nice. Everyone toss'in lines now instead of wrapping thread. Even John has been quiet lately.

Been in hiatus lately doing some research and fly designs. Developed a new line of flies. The timing might be wrong, than again it's great research this time of year. Usually winter time is the best time to debut new patterns with the shows and all. But spring is a great time to test, modify and try new ideas.

My new series of fly designs are simple called "Organic Flies." Not much expense involved, in fact most of the fly materials can be picked up around the house or at your local food stores. Most of the materials can be found in the produce section. That right, "Produce." When it comes to vegetables.... Cast a Fly is on the cutting edge.

This first in a series of flies was developed with us Polish people in mind. Tony Stetzko will go crazy over this!

It's called the "Cabbage Patch Shrimp Fly,"
You guessed it, the shell of the shrimp is a leif of cabbage. The fly is biodegradable, so Peta and ecology minded people won't mind. Except for the hook and thread, no other traditional materials were used.


Small bunch of green grass tied at the bend of hook. Shredded Pop Tart foil wrapper used for glitter. Add a small bunch of green grass. Tie in two mono eyes (Weedwacker material). Paint red or fluorescent. Paint was obtained from a tagger spray painting highway walls. Tie in two rubber bands. For chenille, use pipe cleaners from old fly line boxes. Color with magic markers. Shell ... of course ... cabbage leaves. Wire was obtained from the old days of trolling the deep.

Now fly tying won't be as expensive as before.
Just think.... Honey I'm going to the grocery store to get more fly tying material... Do you need any bread or milk?

04-17-2002, 04:08 PM
Ray... I love it...excellent!!!!