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03-08-2001, 10:50 AM
hey Juro, Josko is down in Andros and is trying a 12' 8wt T+T on the flats. he's having major problems, thought you might be able to help him out. Tom D below is the link

03-08-2001, 11:04 AM
I haven't tried long wands (2 hands) on tropical flats, although I've given some thought to fighting big stuff like tarpon or sharks with the big rods - the extended butt and bungee seemed to offer some advantage and I always wanted to try something like that. If it's anything like 30 pound chinook in a river or 20 pound chum, smokin' hot summer steelhead, 17 pound bluefish, or cow stripers, then it should be applicable.

As far as casting, I would imagine that if you can cast as far as you can see in the water then a single hander's fine for sight fishing.

I've been talking about two-handed rods out there for over a year and the majority have always been opposed to the concept (although things are changing lately), so I'll stick to less controversial topics like mission statements!

I'll send Josko (the world traveller) email to see if my .02 is worth... well two cents in the two-handed tropics.

03-08-2001, 11:43 AM
Actually, I went and read the post. It's always great to follow Josko's adventures!

As I've always stated on the record on the topic of two-handers: there are times when two-handers make little sense in the SWFF scene - on high rocks, or boats for instance. Waving a 15' rod on a 16' Boston Whaler on a open rip seems a little unfounded. Getting a schoolie off the line with a regular flyrod is hard enough at mid or low tide from a slippery jetty, try it with a 14 footer! You need a ghillie to go fetch it for you.

There are also times when nothing can compare - like the high surf of the outer beaches or massive outlet current flows where the line is pulled tight to the bank on every swing. I've posted a lot of my findings from testing these rods since 1995.

Here are a few threads from the past:

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