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: Super Shrimp

04-15-2002, 08:02 PM
The location's are the Keys and the Bahamas...... Hook- 4, 6, or 8....Thread- Tan monocord..... Eyes- 50 (or 30 or whatever)pound mono, burnt and marked black and dipped in epoxy..... Claws/Forelegs/Feelers- Barred grizzly hackle tips plus krystal flash with one or two turns of the hackle at the base....... Body- Tan,grey or gold chenille, or ice chenille..... Hackle legs- Barred grizzly hackle,palmered and trimed on one side..... Carapace- Strip of plastic bag,pulled over back and segmented with thread, and add black dots (enamel),I used black marker and epoxy,on to the top of the carapace, then more sparce epoxy..... More details in Brown's book and designed by George Warren.