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: U.S. Wilderness areas at risk

04-13-2002, 01:51 PM
They need our support see attached bill being sponsored by Government which would open up more wilderness areas as outlined below.

They need our votes see online petition you can register your vote with to government.

Mine is on its way today.

Does some one think we have to many wilderness area !!


Nate Bailey
04-15-2002, 01:29 AM
The wording "wilderness" spooks me, blm does not over see any wilderness areas in the US. Until I see the bill and review the facts I will not sign the petition. I do believe in conserving our wild places and the subject ground may verry well be that but lets put it in perspective before we act get the facts see the ground then fight the battle. I dont want to be placed in the same thinking of such groups as PETA, and Greenpeace, they tend to blow issues way out of porpotion(sp).....Nate

04-15-2002, 10:19 PM
I will check it out with our Federal Affairs office in DC if I get a chance this week.

Believe me the Northern Maine Allagash waterway was wilderness when I was in tht area 20 years ago. Don't know how much they have opened it up but it sounds it is much more accessible now.

04-15-2002, 10:31 PM
Heres what the BLM manages 280 million acres of public land.

Must be wilderness areas in there such as Yellowstone and Yosemite etc...