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04-11-2002, 03:35 PM
I ran into a snag tying Paige Rogers Sand Eel. The mylar tubing I have been using ran out and I cant seem to find anything similar in texture. Most other tubing is difficult to work with because it unravels too easy when you pull it back over itself.

Does anyone have any suggestions on which brand they use? Maybe StriBlue could help since he ties some really nice flies and seems really knowledgeable on materials.

Thanks to all that offer their advice.

04-11-2002, 04:11 PM
Steelheadmike... try using some material called corsair... it is stiffer but can be easily streached over the portion of the fly that needs it according to Pages instructions... You have to remove the little white string on each side or you keep them in and mark them with a marker before applying your epoxy... You should try making the fly without the mylar or corsair.... With any material,polar fiber, bucktail, superhair, you name it... I usually wind Pearl body braid around the shank.. Then Tye in some white material...only tied in near the hook eye...NOT on the entire shank... you want the pearl braid to show.... then your flash and then your top color or two.... Hold firm the tail of the fly and spread epoxy... one direction..the direction toward the tail other wise you will have a mess.... all you need is very little.. HOLD the tail in place as it sets.... after it sets with the thin coat you will see the ultimate shape... put eyes on and red gills if you want with a marker... Than put on a final Heavy coat of Epoxy and rotate to get even setting... I think these look more realistic than the use of Mylar over the entire material over the shank... see my angel hair sand eels and look at the large Epoxy bait fish.

04-12-2002, 08:36 AM
Thanks alot StriBlue for the input. I will certainly try your way. I'm just one of those guys who gets stuck in his ways. That fly has worked for me for 2 years now and has taken countless fish. Its hard to put a pattern down that has worked so well, its has been my Ace in the Hole fly when they won't touch Clousers or other Immitations. I'll be whipping up some of your pattern tonight and will be in Norwalk CT on Sunday to try them out.