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04-11-2002, 01:59 PM
Body is pale tan yarn palmered with an off-white webby cock hackle.

Tail blue marabou

Wing Tan marabou.

Overall size is 1 inch or less.

This is a great pattern for tailing fish in real skinny water since it lands very softly.

Dick Brown mentions that there is a prize of a free week at Peace & Plenty for anyone who can guess what HOY stands for. The prize was still up for grabs when I last saw Bob Hyde two years ago. I slipped this one in since I didn't see it in John's collection at Wilmington and this one was tied by the originator. It's also about right alphabetically - hope thats ok John ;)

04-11-2002, 03:36 PM
Adrian, nice ..I am going in alphabetical order and have one of those to submit... I will put it on as a reply under this thread when I get to it... I an in the N's now and may get to putting it on tonight..... Adrian...please continue... I can't be the only one building this forum up... keep adding them... when I am done with Brown's stuff I will do all of the ones in Ververkas book including all of Borsky's that I have not done already, plus Chico Fernandez flys.

04-11-2002, 08:00 PM
Adrian... here is the one I tied... I was going to put it next to the picture in Brown's book but thought I better not photo a picture from the book... Anyway, It is virtually identical as the one in the book... I will continue with my entry......The location's are the Bahamas and particularly Exuma.... Hook- 4 or 6...... Thread- Tan monocord....... Tail- pink marabou tips...... Body- Fuzzy leech yarn, then pink hackle palmered to head..... Wing- Tan Marabou... The recipe also says it can be tied with royal blue marabou and cream colored hackle... It does say designed by Bob Hyde and mentions the fishing trip for identifying the meaning of "HOY".