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: The calamari evolution....

Bob Pink
04-09-2002, 07:33 PM
One of the things that I have tried to develop is a reliable BIG FISH squid pattern. Here is a sampling of some of my early efforts culminating in one of the best squid patterns I've ever seen for proportion and action.

( apologies in advance for all the image downloads )

Some of the early efforts from two years ago, pretty basic but trying to find a pattern that would push some water ...

Tried a stiffer mantle by working E-Z.Sparkle Body into the fibers

Then I was distracted into thinking that I needed LOOOONG tentacles to make it work...

Now, all of these did catch fish but I never went LARGE with one. Couldn't figure it out until I started really looking at the proportions and 'texture' of this bait... Up at the StonyBrook social Hawkeye & I had a chance to brainstorm breifly about building extended bodies for squid patterns. Then I saw this pattern posted on the SOL board by a member by the handle of Tidewater. His names Brian Dowd and he was nice enough to post the instructions.

The Tidewater Squid! It's going to be in my box this year for sure...

A detail of the eye/beak section

Just for reference, this is about 8" long tied on a 6/0

04-09-2002, 09:52 PM
WOW! That squid is a killer calimari.

Back in the original calimari caper I put together 3 extended body squids using nylon tube fly tube material. I gave Roop the front fly at last year's spring clave so can't post a close-up but here is the image taken back then for the article that never happened...

The surprising thing about them is that they are very light when extended with nylon tubing and are very castable. That little gray blur right at the mantle is the hook.

04-09-2002, 09:54 PM
Bob. great job, especially on the Tide water squid.. After you told me about it I looked it up ,printed it and will give it a go... yours looks just like the one in the other post.