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: Stripping Basket Questions

04-09-2002, 03:54 PM
It seems that stripping baskets are highly recommended for fishing the surf, so I guess I should make one. What size tub do you use? Do you drill drain holes in the bottom?

Also, I read about using plastic "zip ties" to help keep the line from tangling in the basket. (stick the ties up through the bottom of the tub to make plastic "fingers" to catch the line) Anybody use this method? Is there a better method?

Thanks for all suggestions.


04-09-2002, 04:31 PM
You definitely need a stripping basket!

Get a rubbermaid type dish pan roughly 15" long, 10" wide, and 5" deep. You will need to attach some kind of anti-line-tangling material to the bottom. Some of the materials I have seen include: heavy weedwacker line, zip ties, golf tees, 1/2 plastic easter eggs, commercially available inserts ranging from cone shapes to the easter egg shape.

For my first season I used a collapsable mesh type basket without the anti-tangle inserts and I didn't like it. For my second and third season I used the weedwacker line and was generally pleased. This season I purchased a kit with easter egg type shapes which can be removed when I change baskets - I don't know how this works yet.

As for the holes in the basket that depends upon how deep and in what kind of conditions you wade. If you are wading in surf conditions the holes will be nice to drain the water that will splash or flow in - otherwise the extra weight will tip your basket and the line will flow out inevitably forming one of the most amazing knots you have ever seen. If you are wading in calmer conditions the holes are not neccessary and can in fact be a hinderence if you are wading deep enough that the basket sits in the water.

04-09-2002, 05:20 PM
Excellent I was going to bring this same question up this weekend and then I got busy with taxes and work :( :(

Now I have an answer, many thanks

I know this has been discussed before but could not find it quickly through the search engine

I don't feel like paying $ 45 for the Orvis basket I looked at this weekend on their site either.

04-09-2002, 06:49 PM
Thanks Gregg. I have some zip ties already so I'll try using those. Guess I can always drill drain holes and use tape or make some kind of plugs to seal the drain holes when I don't want them.


04-09-2002, 07:33 PM
My .02...

Drain holes prevent you from wading past the bottom of the stripping basket. Once the water gets in, the basket gets heavy and the line agitates like a washing machine and tangles in the water. The only time holes are good is when you are getting an occasional high wave over the top while standing shallower than the bottom of the tub. Over the range of situations you will encounter, the solid tub fares best IMHO. You can easily dump it by tipping it, and when you wade past the bottom it floats and creates a hole in the water into which you pour line, unlike a boat which is a hole in the water into which you pour money ;)

Since you are the experimenting type, maybe you could try an idea I've had banging around in my head for a while... you can get very small scuppers at West Marine for short money and install them on the underside of the rubbermaid tub. The floating ball allows no water in from the bottom but drains freely when out of the water.

I am working on a different basket design that uses small scuppers. Been working on it for 5 years and haven't finished the prototype yet :rolleyes:

For store-bought you can't beat the Orvis stripping basket. Comes with a belly-curve, rod slot, molded fingers, belt, and the ever-prestigious overpriced tag! ;)

04-10-2002, 08:34 AM

I have used the Rubber Maid basket for 5 years now. Its a nice little project. I reccomend a mid size basket. I found that after you drill the holes for the Zip Ties and insert them use a caulk ( window or marine ) to hold them in place. I put the caulk on the outside bottom of the basket. I also use the real heavy duty Zip ties. The thin ones seem to flexible and cause more tangles. I think the whole thing cost around $15 bucks to make. Though like Juro said the Orvis one is pretty damn nice!!! I broke down and bought one because I forgot my basket while on the way to Pennsfreild Reef in CT last year. Honestly I have not used my homemade one since. Its comfy to wear and the rod holder slot is a real nice addition. I mean $45 bills is a bit steep and the first few weeks I was actually pissed I blew that kind of dough on a basket but now I'm kinda glad I did.

04-10-2002, 03:58 PM
Hey Quentin,

I use a plastic tub that I picked up at AC Moore for around $3.50- smaller in length and width, but a couple of inches deeper than the Rubbermaids, which for me, works way better.

I use giant size plastic screw anchors, with the screws coming up through the bottom of the basket into the anchor- takes all of around 3 minutes to do 6 or 7, which has been plenty....

I fasten bungee cord to one side of the tub, and drill a hole on the other side for the hook on the cord. Easy on, easy off, and enough stretch to let me easily slide it behind me when I want.

04-10-2002, 10:10 PM
Great ideas and like the cost approximations I am seeing here.

Anybody got digital picture of theres they are willing to show ?

Like that bungee cord approach, got a bunch in the garage from camping trips etc..

Orvis did look good, maybe at $ 20 I would consider but $45 please I will suffer with my home made version. This is not rocket science as Orvis would like us to pay for.


04-10-2002, 11:13 PM
At $45 the Orvis rig is quite costly...but don't forget, that includes a 1 year CCA membership...You get a great basket AND you do the right thing!

04-11-2002, 06:51 AM
The Rubbermaid with cable ties worked for me. Poke a slit through the bottom an slide the ties in, about 9 in 3 by 3 rows. A couple of holes to attach the bungy cord and your done. The fly line would occasionally get hungup on the business end of the cable tie, protruding thru the bottom.

I used a xmas gift certificate for the Orvis basket, figuring I'd join CCA. But I got the basket just after xmas and the CCA coupon had expired the previous October. Anyhow, the Orvis basket resolves the pre-occupation with designing a better basket. The clerks at Bubba-Mart used to give me a wierd look because I'd always be browsing and inspecting dishpans and other assorted tubs whenever there.

04-11-2002, 07:00 AM
Fred A & Penguin

I will now be the guy in the Chicago getting the weird looks looking at the dish pans.

After I fail making my own I will consider in desparation the Orvis basket. But it looks to good for me, would rather have something cheaper, that looks like I made myself, then the other FF can ask me how I made it. Also I think the Orvis basket would make look to good and the Michigan hard core anglers tend to look down at Orvis dudes. I guess I have to get rid of my Orvis gravel guards soon, they are about shot anyway.

How much is a regular membership to CCA, see the recent article I posted in the environmental section on coastal waterways reports throughout N.A. It was not good.