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04-08-2002, 09:58 PM
Location's are Bimini, Andros, Chub Cay, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells and Abaco..... Hook- 2 or 4..... Thread- Tan Monocord..... Antennae- Moose mane.... Head/face- Gold Fishair over gold mylar tubing ends,frayed.... Body- Section of mylar tubing over shank so hook goes inside tubing. tie down tubing and overwrap with clear V-rib.... Legs- Brown saddle Hackle, palmered into the spiraled crevices of V-rib then trimmed on back and sides..... Carpace/Tail- Gold fishair twisted into a rope (or not) and pulled over back then doubled back under a small portion. Make back tight to body. More details in Brown's book and desgned by James Orthwein.