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: The Skunk in the boat

04-08-2002, 09:03 AM
I went out on the Hudson 3/7 armed with my medium action spinning gear ( fly gear was out of the question ) also a large jiggin / meat stick ( I know, I know they should be outlawed ). The striper gods pee'd all over my parade once again, no fish for me. Perhaps it's revenge for finding their secret location back in the middle of Feb. My uncle picked one up 18lbs on.... the "C" word ( chunk ). I know this is a Fly site but I figured I'd let ya know the up to date reports. All in all very slow around here lately. I am doing my fish dance and praying to the Striper Gods that more come through so I can toss a fly. Hopefully the curse will be lifted from the Filthy Whore ( the name of my Boat )soon. I am starting to get a complex about being skunked.