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: Buster Crab

04-06-2002, 01:46 PM
The locations are Turneffe, Southern Belize, and Yucatan....Hook-4 ,6, or 8.... Thread-white .... Mouth/legs/Swimmmerets- Brown or tan craft fur.... Eyes-Prefabed black eyes attatched to string or 30 pound mono, burnt, colored with black marker then dipped in epoxy...Carpace-Goop. The thing with this fly is that the use of photo flow helps apply the goop on the craft fur..flattening and shaping in a sort of circle shape.. let dry and cut the crab to shaped as you see.. The actual fly is tied with a rubber band around the barbell eyes so you can remove the barbell and put in a different weighted barbell depending on the situation. More details in Brown's book and this is designed by Will Myers.