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: Branham's Epoxy Shrimp

04-06-2002, 12:57 PM
The Locations are The Keys, The Bahamas..... Hook- 2/0,1/0, 1,2,4 or 6 (The one in the photo is on a 4).... Thread- Clear mono....Forelegs- Super hair.... Mouth- Short bunch of pearl krystal flash topped with a little super hair....Antennae- Two stands of black Krystal flash..... Eyes- Burnt mono.. dipped in epoxy a colored with a black marker... Legs- Palmered grizzly hackle,color to match body....Shellback- Super hair extended pat eye hook and past hook bend.... There is suppose to be a weed guar,but none here.... Weight- Lead barbell.... Overcoat- clear 5 min.epoxy... The key here is to pull and hold the super hair past the hook bend and put a very thin coat of epoxy on it and hold in the somewhat upright position until it is set.. then another smoothing coat and then trim down the front.. but not right up to the end of the epoxy. More details in Brown's book. This fly was desied by Joe Branham and is similar to the Pop shrimp you will see later.