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04-05-2002, 02:57 PM
Does anyone out there use Page Roger's Sand Eel? Polar Fibre tail ( White & Olive with Silver Crystalflash in between) and the body is Mylar Piping coated in epoxy? I see a multitude of other patterns that StriBlue and others have posted but never this patter. I find it very lifelike in appearance with the piping giving it a scaley look. I find it works better than Clousers. ( I really need a digital camera to post a pic )

04-05-2002, 07:25 PM
Great fly, as is the Slim Jim. Years ago I used to fish them both extensively and have adapted a number of patterns from Page Roger's clever designs. Her bigeye baitfish is the pattern I based many of my herring and pogie variations on. She is tuned into the coastal FF scene, that's for sure.

That being said for the last few years I've fished sand eels at least 6" long (some much bigger) and that particular pattern is hard to construct for big bass. I have opted for other patterns as a result, and the size, profile and presentation they offer are all important parts of the trickery I use for really big bass from shore.

I've putz'ed around with another ocean beaches sand eel that can be tied over 6" long with the proper profile (thickness) of the large backside sand eels. It uses a piece of braided nylon tube on a long shank 911s. Hook rides down. Inspired by those sausage sized ocean sand eels you see at Race Point sometimes, usually wiener'ed by the blues.

I do love sand eel patterns though, whatever one you pick. Where some may be harbingers of the herring fly, masters of mackeral, chovy chieftans or silverside scholars - you can place me in the sandeel school of striper FF.

04-08-2002, 08:33 AM
I forgot that most of you guys fish out on the Cape and RI where sand eels are HUGE. By me the are roughly as long as ones finger ( about 3-4 inches ) so that pattern really matches well. I will have to try some bigger ones and see how they work.