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03-27-2002, 09:43 AM
Anyone out there in cyberfishingland familiar with the Enfield Dam area of the Connecticut River. I've heard and read a bit about it and want to try my luck with the stripers that are there in the Spring. I can see fisherman from the Rt 19o bridge andhave seen gull working the area. Also noted a parking lot on the west side of the river south of the bridge. Is there a boat launch there and enough water for a 19 footer? How about a place to put a kayak in? When do the stripers reach this area? Finally, where do you get licenses in CT? Thanks in advance for any appreciated insight.

Dble Haul
03-27-2002, 09:58 AM
I haven't fished the Enfield Dam area yet, but one thing is for sure. If you're out there in a boat, respect the water and be very aware of its power. It seems that a year doesn't go by without at least one boating accident in those shallow rips because somebody thought that it just wouldn't happen to them.

As for licenses, J&J Outifitters is right on the river and can hook you up with one and local conditions. Check out their website at www.ctriverstripers.com. There's directions to the store right on the site.

Good luck, and if you do well please let us know. I'm right down I-91 in central CT and would like to get to know that area better. :)

03-27-2002, 10:45 AM
Mark: Thanks for the link and the advice. I'll post my results if I can get out there.

03-27-2002, 10:56 AM
Mark: That web site appears to be down. What town is J&J in? Thanks.

Dble Haul
03-27-2002, 11:10 AM
The store is in East Windsor. I'm confused as to why the link I posted above isn't working. When I type it into my browser it works fine. I'll try again. If this link doesn't work, try to copy it into your browser and see if it makes a difference.


Edit: This one works. I forgot the prefix in the first link. Sorry for any confusion.

03-27-2002, 11:41 AM
Mark: When I click on the link I get The Netscape Enterprise Server web page. I have tried a number of times. I went to Yahoo and seached Connecticut River Stripers and found the same link you provided. It also brought be to the Netscape Enterprise Server. I'll do it the old fashioned way - telephone! Thanks.