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: Thanks to all.

01-29-2001, 11:04 AM
Sorry for the the late reply. I wound up catching my kids cold and felt pretty lousy yesterday. Didn't even turn my computer on.

I'm glad everyone who attended had a good time. I would like to extend a monster thanks to Terry for showing up early and helping me set up. Also to Bob Pink who originated having Captain Ray attend with his awesome slide show. Thanks Terry, Bob and Ray.

It was fanatastic to see some familiar faces as well as meet some new ones. I won't even attempt listing them for fear of leaving someone out. You are a great group of guys. It feels like I've known you all my whole life. And thanks to everyon e for the donated flies. They are greatly appreciated!

A board is a nice thing to originally open up lines of communication. But I hope I get a chance to fish with you this coming year because to me thats what it's all about.

Tight Lines All in 2001!

01-29-2001, 09:34 PM
Sean -

Looks like that Irish heritage folk lore stuff is the truth and not a myth after all. You've reached that "Pot of Gold" with all of us in attendance.

Not sure Sean, "Was it the Stone Brook Clave or the Barney Stone Clave?" Either way, you had us kissing the stone.

I left there Saturday and while driving home and I couldn't stop laughing. Even the state trooper asked me in a serious tone, "What's so funny, get out of the car."

Glad we had so many laughs with all of the clavers. It certainly was a fun and informative day.

Capt. Ray

01-30-2001, 03:42 AM
Thanks Sully, and please tell my wife I really do know how to use a vaccuum cleaner

Well... a little bit anyway. Once another outrageous season of angling is behind us, let's do it again next year!