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: Cape Lookout, NC Big old Drum!

03-26-2002, 05:08 AM
Offshore report was bluefins big and small. The 50 wide's had a hard time keeping up w/ the larger fish in the deep water. A sailfish was tag and released, along w/ a mixed bag of yellowfin tuna.

Water temp dropped to 58 inshore due to the N winds. Sat. evening striper trip was slow. Fished the inlet and the port looking for a bass. Loads of casts and conversation. Last minute trip on Sunday produced some wild fishing on the Core Banks. Got the wife up at 9am w/ a puppy eyed fishing look, Let's Go! Talked to friends at the boat, wind was acting funny, I thought it was going to blow harder. Striper gear was on the boat from the Sat. night. Cruised by the Coast Guard vessel off Rough point around 10am. Heather leaned over and thanked me for waking her, the conditions were perfect for a cruise. Checked the trawler buoy for some life and warmer water but neither was found. Headed east across the shoals, Low water through the Slough has become challenging. Don't use the buoys for guidance! The sand has made some wild ass "S" turn.... The Water was little off in color but the east beach was flat like a pancake. As we cruise down the beach towards the lighthouse, water clarity begins to improve. Heather noticed a big black spot in the water, we picked up the rods to make a cast, I over shot and she under shot, we laughed. The black spot was moving funny for a school of fish and as it got closer we noticed it was a shark. A giant Basking shark 18' to 20' long cruised by the boat as if we weren't even there. Floating in 8' of water made for an outstanding opportunity to watch this huge beast. Soon after the shark sighting we noticed another spot but much lighter in color. Made a heave w/ a 2oz finesse and was rewarded w/ bent pole and peeling line, the battle was on!!! Heather made a cast but fell short as the school of stripers cruised by the boat. My fish came to the surface, it wasn't a striper but a Big Old Red Drum. Now we were laughing as this drum was pulling the boat into deeper water. Water temp 58 degrees this drum very active, running to the boat only to turn an take more line. 10' from the boat the 40" drum started to take line again but he never stopped, pulled the hook. 4 more opportunities like this occurred in a 4 hour period. We saw plenty of big fish, our last hookup ended in a double, landing both fish. Heather kicked my butt, she had big fish (44") and went 2 for 2. I pulled a hook and had a knot problem (due to excessive pulling) landing 2 out of 4. The fish were 37 to 44" and pulled much harder then the stripers this winter. It was a noticeable difference in the power and strength. Great way to start the spring.

Going Fishing,

Dave Dietzler

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03-26-2002, 08:14 AM
Sounds like a great fight. Do they take flies?