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: Ryan must have the lucky rod

03-25-2002, 10:26 AM
Left Friday, fished the upper Quinault for a couple hours, until dark and caught 1 25" dolly. This fish was not hooked!! It had a drift rig hanging by the line through the maxilary I hooked onto the dangeling bait hook with my fly. I landed the fish and relieved it of it's extra baggage and released it.
I thin fished all day Saturday and most of Sunday on the Hoh with nothing to show for it except a new rip in my simms gortex. Well maybe next time up that way i'll learn the upper Bogie or something. The Hoh was VERY!!! busy. I dod however have a great time I met up with 3 guys who worked for various enviromental organization, they invited me to their camp and and even fed me salmon for dinner. There is nothing like the fellowship of other steelheaders.

But I guess only Ryan is lucky enough to actually catch a fish... Oh well