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: Redington

03-24-2002, 07:47 PM
I saw a prototype for a new reel and it looks good. It was for a 9wt and was a HUGE improvement over the last series. Big cork disc, with a quality look and feel. They will sell a milllion of them. They will sell for around $250. The drag disk had an interesting inovation. The cork sits in a cup, and I guesse that this will keep the cork from squishing too much. Hmmm..I wonder what that will do? Sounds like they are going to produce that Quartz resin rod. Redington is making some big post Orvis moves.
Maybe even more interesting is W.Gore's new concept. A breathable jacket with inflatable bladders to facilitate increasing and decreasing insulation. Warm in the morning, cool in the afternoon. Cool in Salt Lake, warm @ the top of the Jupiter bowl. Automatic. If this catches on, I can imagine crammed overhead bins exploding at cruising altitude. What ever happened to those inflatable sneakers?