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: Try This.....!

03-19-2002, 12:01 PM
Just doing my usual Fly tying experiments and will get pictures on.... but in the meantime... try tying the Extra long Hackle Rays fly with a epoxied Clouser head and tuffs of Maribou just behind the clouser eye.... all you need to do is get four long Hackles... the one I did is one 10 inch Blue hackle hy-tied on top of the shank ala Abrames, then two long yellow on either side of the hook... 9 inch pearl flashabou and two shorter 6 to 7 inches of aqua green long hackle... voila.., big sand eel for those 20 foot depts off a boat..... Next.... start experimenting, as I have done ,by tying your small bait fish with ALL angle hair.... Thread hook... put strip of silver or pearl saltwater flashabou around the thread on shank and Hy-tie white angle hair ...2 or 3 inches.... then a different color angel hair on top of that.... Epoxy one coat back to the bend and hold into possition until dry.. put eyes and do second coat... great color and flash for early spring schoolies. Don't forget the profile you want is like a Bullet shape not fan shaped... so it will come out like a Poplovic Surf candy... but with great color though the epoxy that flashes more than the usual ultra hair surf candy.