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: More NC shad (and other)

03-18-2002, 08:30 PM
Sorry to keep doing this to guys still stuck in winter weather in the midwest, but the fishing for shad keeps getting better down here. The last couple of days however we had a couple of real surprises, how about 40 inch alligator gar on fly!!! They don't do too much but be big, but big they are. Also today I noticed swarms of midges on the water and I noticed carp sucking them off the water, kind of like filter feeding whales. Tomorrow I am going to try to catch a 10 pound carp on a size 20 midge!!!:whoa: :eyecrazy:

03-18-2002, 11:07 PM

Sounds good. We have just had the warmest winter in the last 100 years in Chicago. Between 40-50 the last week, however we will be going to the teens on Thursday and Friday it sounds.

PNW still seems to be deep in winter, snow and cold rain etc..

Never seen a gar. My carp are still buried in the mud, jogged by my local park pond yesterday and there was nothing to be seen. Let us know the results on the Carp, they are very underrated fish, the "Golden Ghost"

The steelhead, browns, and coho salmon are running in Lake Michigan and the tributaries, if you are a dedicated steelheader and can take the cold there is lots of action to be had. No golf yet though here, maybe in a few weeks.

Keep those warm NC reports coming.

03-19-2002, 01:13 PM
Shad won't be appearing here in my part of Oregon for another couple of months yet....we have to put up with spring chinook and steelhead until the water warms a bit.

Meanwhile, out of curiousity, what flies and techniques have been working best for you? What generalities about your shad fishing can you pass on to us westerners?

My understanding is that our shad were transplanted to various sites on the West Coast in the late 19th century. The populations seem separate, with large numbers in the Sacramento River tributaries, the Coos system, Umpqua, and the Columbia/Willamette tributaries. All in all, we should be fishing for the same fish, and it would be fun to try some methods and flies that work for you on the fiesty little buggers that live out here.



03-19-2002, 05:43 PM
The midges were a little off today so the carp weren't sucking them as well as yesterday. My guy did hook one on a wooly bugger, big one too. No gar either.
We are fishing for the shad with 3 and 4 wt rods and floating lines. The river is pretty shallow and the fish are right there. I do think that your fly needs to be over the shads head so they can go up and get it. They don't seem to like it when your stuff goes lower than them. I have seen them just move away from a fly right at or below them. The only other thing I think I can pass along is a really effective fly that I have been using. Tail- pink ultrahair or calftail. head- chartreuse krystal chenille wound around dumbell eye. Killin em on that one.
Good luck.

03-20-2002, 05:49 PM
Wow. Many thanks -- I tie up a few in preparation for late May.

Floating lines sounds like a kick. We have to dredge them out of the Willamette (Teeny T lines, etc.). Interesting comment about presenting the fly above the fish.