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: Plans for Next Winter

03-15-2002, 12:23 AM
I've talked with Juro, more then a couple times about trying to gain the recoginition out here in the PNW that this site deserves by putting on a casting clave and/or attending next year's Seattle Sportsmen Show.

This will take alot of effort and dedication but the rewards could be great!!!

If anyone is intrested in working on this project, it would be great to start early and get some ideas rolling.

Who is intrested???

03-15-2002, 06:00 AM
Ryan -

YOU DA MAN! Here are some helpful points on that front...

Next year there will be a Flyfishing Only Show in Seattle We will take care of the registration and fee ahead of time We will provide handouts, hats, and experience from the NE You will have an incredibly good time You will get on-line planning assistance, sign-ups, etc Roop, Hawkeye, Chris, JimW and others can provide much insight on the topic
If we decide to do guest fly tyers like the Northeast Show in Marlboro, I am certain that we can get some of the Northwest's skilled tyers and personalities to make an appearance for us - many of them are already members! Our relationships with sponsors in the area should help us too.

Ryan, you can count the northeast contingent in for the full capacity that we can contribute from this side of the country. I really hope the Forum and Spey pages can have a booth at this first FF show. If you do a casting clave as well we have an awesome casting competition for you to try :smokin:

Photos from Marlboro (