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: Perfect Reason Not to Read the Yak Attack..

03-14-2002, 09:05 AM
is that for those of you who haven't been there yet, these guys can help you with just about anything.

But, they don't have the Penguin. This guy has used a kayak all over the world!! I'm trying to get him to host this forum but he's dragging his flippers!!

Please post a request for the Penguiun to step up to the plate.


03-14-2002, 09:47 AM
Jeff.. opening CAC April 1st... road trip? kidnap penguin? Make him an offer he can't refuse?

03-14-2002, 10:01 AM
A fools gathering on the day for fools!! I'm in. It's in my calendar so you can't back out now! So are we skipping work (I don't feel too good) or just the weekend.

Let's plan an extra special secret scouting trip to places that we will kill anyone who betrays the location of. I hear the Penguin is good for that kind of stuff too. :devil:

03-14-2002, 07:28 PM
Sorry........every year my employer forces me to attend Opening Day for the Red Sox.

This year it falls on April 1st. DRAT!!!:devil: :hehe: :devil:


03-14-2002, 07:51 PM
John - I am ready, able & willing to assist in any way possible in the opening of the CAC. Just say ther word.

I know Monday's may be hard for some but it's no problem for me.

03-14-2002, 09:09 PM
CAC...April Fools appropriate?!...I'll be there with bells on my toes and a YAK on my roof!

...and Senior Roopmeister (aka BigFishMagnet), perhaps I'll be done flipper dragging by then...perhaps not?! It all depends on how the electro shock therapy goes (or doesn't)...