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: Hudson Stripers .... the bloodbath continues

03-11-2002, 08:59 AM
Was out on 3/9 in the Hudson just north of Croton Point. I will say the we had one of the best days since last year. All total there was roughly 60 fish brought to the boat. The largest was landed by a buddy and weighed in at 21.5lbs!!!! Many other fish landed were in the teens. Unfortunately due to a sustained 25mph wind and 3 guys on the boat the flyrod was left in the car. The fish were so active on the incoming tide I am sure that a heavy Clouser or Half & Half fished on a 250 grain would have taken just as many fish as the spinning tackle. On a side note to the day 4 other boats were out all morning on the outgoing tide and picked up nothing! Not a hit, sniff, follow.. NADA! Perhaps the front that moved through and the tide helped us out. In any case the Fishing Gods smiled upon us and all had a great day!


I was warned by a few locals that if you are caught using Jigs, Swimmers or any other large artificials and are stopped by the DEP they will issue you a citation for targeting an out of season species. ( Opening day is 3/15 ).