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: Clear tip versus Long Leader.

Scott K
03-11-2002, 03:15 AM
A lot of our sink tip systems that we purhcase for our fly line systems (whether it be spey or single handed) include a clear tip.
For example, My Mastery Spey Tri tip comes with a floating tip, clear tip, and type 5 sink tip, all 15 feet in length.

What I am looking for are takes on the use of a clear tip and if you guys use them?

I find that a clear tip offers a much better alternative to the use of a floating line/long leader because the clear tip is clear, but it's still fly line. This means when you want to use heavily weighted flies which many people will fish with long leaders for Winter runs(I use about a 3-4 foot leader of 12 pound Maxima off of my clear tip) I have more fly line and less leader which means I have an easier time turning over flies yet you don't lose the "stealthyness" of the long leader because you're using the clear tip. I also wonder if anyone in here finds better use with a clear tip for using nonweighted subsurface flies? as opposed to the floating line, long leader and if there are any advantages/disadvantages to each method? Also, how about the mendability/line control involved with a clear tip versus long leader/floatling line. Since the clear tip is much thicker do you not gain more ability to control your fly (I'm suggesting this, what do you find?)? At the same time, thin mono from a floating line/long leader combo sees much less resistance from currents due to it's thin diameter and might sink faster.

What is your take? Do you even use your clear tip or is it accumulating dust in your head wallet right now?


03-11-2002, 12:43 PM
Scott first of all there is no sinking line that will sink a weighted fly faster than the fly can sink itself withot drag not even heavy lead core. The problem is that a weighted fly will not stay down during the swing. I don't see any advantage in the clear tip except it might wirk well in the summer to keep an unweighted fly just under the surface in faster water where a floater might allow it to skate..
You and I can both see the clear line you can be assured that the fish will see the clear line. it may be less alarming to the fish but if it's in the water they will see it. The thing about Steelhead is they are not leader shy so having a leader that can't see is not an advantage. I say they are not leader shy because I catch them in perfectly clear water on 10 lb Maxima chameleon.
I see no application for the clear tip in winter fishing unless you have some fish holding in extremely shallow water like maybe 1.5-2feet deep.

On another note i just bought a Rio" Big boy" 24 ft head 200 gr.
This thing is the best tip I have ever used. it casts much better than the 15 foot heads sinks fast and stays deep through the swing. This is now the main tip I will be using for my winter fishing.

03-11-2002, 04:40 PM
What wt/manufacture/type rod do you run this line on? I've been 'itching' to get one but not too much on the board about matching 'x' big boy to 'x' rod.

03-11-2002, 06:50 PM
Fred I was fishing it on an older Sage 10150-4. It cast much better than the standard 15 ft type 6 head as long as you fired quickly.. If your fishing a cast that lets the line settle before you fire you won't get the line out of the water but if you hit it riight it yurns over much better than the 15 ft heads and once you get all that line moving it shoots better than the 15 ft heard. plus due to the length it keeps the fly down on the swing better. I wish they's make a 22 ft head at about 120 grains. If i could find a head like that i think it would be perfect.

03-11-2002, 09:32 PM
A few weeks ago, I was fishing a stretch of the Upper Sky and was having trouble getting down in the swift and deep currents with my typical type VI 15' head.

I attached a 200 grain Big Boy to the rear secion of my 8/9/10 WC and it threw that line with out a problem...once I got used to handling the very little amount of belly I had to work with.

...and after throwing that head on, I had no problem finding bottom and the occasional rock. :)

03-11-2002, 10:05 PM
I am sure you could easily find a head in what you are looking for. Check out the Cortalnd 30' heads...if there is a 30' head that is around 150 grains, maybe a tad more you would be set.

A 150 grain 30' head will be 110 grains at 20 ft...I will look through some spec catologs this evening and see what I can find.

03-11-2002, 10:19 PM
And I did some looking...

A Cortalnd Shooting Taper (30ft) in a 6 weight, cut back to 22' would be exactly 118 grains. :)