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: Come on by the FLYFISHING FORUM booth!

01-17-2001, 04:09 PM
<center><b><font size="3">Stop by our booth at the Marlboro Show!</b></font><!--3--></center>

You are cordially invited to stop by our humble digs at the Marlboro flyfishing show. We're at the show all three days, booth # I-23 over where the rod manufacturers were last year on the other side of the casting pool. It's not quite located on main street but being by the big rod brands is cool. Easy access to the pool when the lines are short is a plus.

The way I rationalized paying for the booth is to promote my web site development services (eg. Nauset Angler, Rod Builder's Workshop, etc). In fact I asked my wife to buy me the booth as a present for my recent birthday - she looked at me kinda funny but agreed (bless her heart!).

Bottom line it's a great opportunity to promote the Flyfishing Forum, collect fly swap entries, sell raffle tickets, sign up members, and hang out tying flies and talking to all the great folks in this region! (I hope I remember to get a few web site customers before it ends!

Charlie Lemieux of Rod Builder's Workshop will be joining us Friday and Sunday. Harry Koons of Nauset Angler will be joining us on Saturday.

We will have embroidered hats available for silver and gold members at the show. You can join at the show. You can also buy raffle ticket at the show. You can drop off fly swap flies at the show, or save them for Sully's tying clave.

<font size="2"><b>Come hang out with us!</b></font><!--2-->

<font size="1">I regret to inform you that the stickers will not be ready for the show as I had hoped. (I need to get better at getting help from members) They will be ready shortly thereafter and will be mailed out prior to the tying clave as well as brought to the clave.</font><!--1-->

01-17-2001, 04:24 PM
Juro, I will come by Friday Night and can help man the booth on Saturday for several hours if you need that ..But I will be there around 1 PM on Friday and will make a bee line to the booth.

Bob Pink
01-17-2001, 07:31 PM
Looking forward to seeing you there. My 10yr old is antsy to come on Saturday, wants me to bring my tying kit so she can try some flies at the show. Kid's got potential, I'll swap you some coverage time at the booth if you'll give her a casting lesson! ( she already told me there'd be much better fishermen than me there at the show, damn it she's right! )

01-18-2001, 08:43 AM

Great Idea. I was not in any great rush to make it to the Malboro show, especially after hearing the weather forcast. But now with a FFF Booth, I'll definately make a showing (pun intended). GregO.