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: Spring has started its leak!

02-27-2002, 11:16 PM
I won't be so bold as to say that spring has sprung but the last few days on the "Coast" were beautiful beyond words, from the false dawns, to the gold and magenta sunrise, right on through to the hatches of mays, stones, and caddis, and the golden sunset with the full moon rising, truly beautiful weather. The rivers were still a bit high but opportunitys were present in that my wading boots were visible and several of the pools I was fishing were swinging with that neutral feel of the right stuff.
Speaking of the right stuff we spent a good deal of time in the evening looking up to where those right stuffers used to tread. The Moon was as full as an overstuffed Tick on a hippie chick backpacker. (A modest attempt at trying to tone down my eloquence)
I am never so relaxed as after a day of hiking around in the company of the Elk, and all the other lesser critters that make up the home country.( Those of you who drift silently down the rivers of the NW are probably un appreicative of the tremendous job that the Roosevelt Elk do in keeping the trails and under brush in check.) Any way as I was saying the realitys of a lot of walking and wading during the course of the day is fatiuge and the best cure for that is rest, short of crawling into the sack , a cowards way out.
The best IMHO is to build a fire and do a bit of star gazing and maybe recant the days events or for that matter anyother days events.
The main thing is to have a proper fire. The particular fire we were having the last few nights was comprised of woods that had been gathered in the hinterlands of the west, we had oak from the area around Goldendale alder from the Skagit and the Grande Rhonde some cedar kindling from the Elwha and a bit of Tamarac from Ellensberg. In sharing this fire and conversing about the different places the wood was from we were able to spend a very enjoyable evening without once commenting on the fact that in three days for me and two for my partner we had not encouterded a single fish that was worthy of our pursuit. Or for that matter any that were not!
Sometimes the magic just doesn't work (Chief Dan George) the rivers are falling and the moon is big probably should go razor clam digging but I will lick my wounds and head back out to try and burn the remaining wood and hopefully talk about that days events,when the magic works.

Peace in the Valley
Captin Jack