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02-26-2002, 02:04 PM
I was wandering if anyone out there fishes the Norwalk Ilsands in CT regulary. If so could anyone give me a few reefs or areas around them to target stripes and blues it would really help. I have a 17ft Sea Nymph ( aluminum ) that I converted into a nice inshore / flats boat ( drafts in 6 inches ). I fish the beaches(on foot) extensively around that area and so far have been very successful. I am trying to learn some new areas to further expand my possibilties. Last year I fished Cokenee Island and the reef in front with some success but nothing to brag about. Maybe someone knows what tides and / or time of year that heats up.


02-26-2002, 02:46 PM

Not sure if this helps any but I fished there a couple of years back. I do remember extremely heavy boat traffic and a million boats appearing at great speed right next to you every time you hooked up. The locals seemed to have some kind of code worked out on their VHFs. Weekdays would probably be a bit better than week-ends.

From the reports I see, it seems to follow the seasonal pattern for the rest of LI sound - action picking up in April through to June, then quiet during the day until fall when it picks up again and stays good through till November / December. Night fishing reigns during the summer months.

I dont remember any specific locations but there is plenty of structure out there and some good currents set up around the shoals. On the trips I took the guides would make a drift through an area and if we didn't connect then move quickly on to another spot until we found fish.

I'm going to be out there in a kayak this summer so I'll be checking out all those shallows where even the 6" draft boats can't reach;)