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02-25-2002, 09:23 PM
Thanks for the show of support...

After discussion with Sean, Jeff, John and many others today I've drafted a server upgrade plan. The crux of the proposal is to share hosting costs with our partner EMEDIA ( to increase bandwidth by 50% (5 more gigabytes) and storage by 400% as a temporary measure until we can afford a dedicated server down the road.

This will give us more features without breaking the bank and provide new capabilities for the FORUM using EMEDIA software. More detail will come once that plan is finalized.

Funding the FORUM, Speypages, going forward...

I've been quoted as comparing the FORUM to a pub. Although in many ways it has the pub spirit... I was wrong because a pub has a very stable support system - people buy drinks, the pub stays open. We don't have a system, nor do we have a liquor license ;)

We are a lot more like public TV. We are not taking any profits and we strive to offer quality programming funded by our viewers and our friends in the business. I have been terribly negligent in looking after that inevitable requirement - a working support system or at least finding someone who is good at it.

Truth is we've been tethering on the edge of storage and bandwidth quotas for a while now, hence my over-reaction when the ISP shut us down this morning.

It's time to get a little more fiscally responsible. Waking up to a quota shutdown is not that. With the kind of traffic we have coming to the site and the quality of the people we have on board it's the least we can do.

There's also a lot you can do - please ask your favorite store, captain or other potential sponsors to consider supporting us with a banner ad. When we come up with some good offers for forum hats, shirts, gadgets or art, please help the cause by buying. And of course, action speaks much louder than words so get involved in conclaves, shows, get togethers, or in your own way keeping the FORUM the best internet destination for flyfishermen on the entire web.

Thanks and look forward to a shut-down free future! :)

02-25-2002, 09:29 PM
Juro call/email me with the info. I might know interested parties.

02-28-2002, 08:16 PM
I'll be banging on some doors.
Hey, Juro,
I've been thinking of putting together a hand bill of sorts, with pricing for ads, and anything else you'd like to put on it. I was thinking of a 2 sided full color, glossy finish, tri-folded 8.5" x 11" pamphlet-one that will fit in a #10 envelope. You could plug e-media , also if it's relevent. It could give guys something to leave with people, something to jog the memory of shop owners and guides we call on. If you can give me a some wording and descriptions I'll put something together with Publisher. I can get this done for next to nothing, probably the cost of the paper- which I'll cover.:whoa:
What ya think?

I'd also be willing to work up a spreadsheet of members and do some arm-twisting for support, and to use as a tool for tracking donation dates and expiration reminder e-mails.

02-28-2002, 08:23 PM
Thanks Eddie - I will email you.

Chris - Great idea! I have already started to put something together but your help is greatly appreciated. I will send you the MS Publisher file to review.