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: Brian's Video Clip

02-24-2000, 06:26 PM
I gave a talk at the local TU on Spey fishing and steelhead. As I went thru the slide show most were kinda unimpressed. They had that look of "BFD" a long rod I don't care about. Then I "whipped out" the 10150-4. Eyes started to open a bit.

When I hit play on the camcorder and the big screen TV showed Andre's footage of my second cast steelie (#### luck) on the COW, the room was abuzz... but when they saw Brian throwing to the opposite side willows with his Spey rod the straw broke the camels back and the whole contingent came alive. They were totally convinced that it was not just an esoteric group of fancy-flingers reliving the crusty rituals to justify $70 bottles of scotch. Most got up out of their seats and started to ask a million questions.

Just call me an evangelist

02-28-2000, 10:44 AM
Yeah, I've shown a few pics of steelhead taken on dry/skated flies in the summer to trout fishing coworkers and watched the looks on their faces. It's kinda fun - you can see the play of emotions as they imagine getting their *%*es kicked by these fish. Their eyes get big and they ask, "You got these fish on the ***Surface***??".

Maybe the video is what it takes to make it "real" for them.