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: Steelhead help

02-22-2002, 04:36 AM
I am headed to the Skeena next Sept.
This will be my first steelhead fishing with a spey rod.Could someone give me an idea of patterns to tie for this trip?
I will bring a one hander with me just in case.
Thanks in advance,

02-22-2002, 11:36 AM
The most important thing you can do for your trip to the Skeena is to have a guide. I recommend not getting a local guide. Just find someone who has been there before and take them along usually you'll just have to pay their expenses after all you cannot pay them for their guiding services , that would be illegal. Of all the people I know I am the most qualified! I'd be happy to go with you and show you what patterns work.
Ok seriously now, Skeena system steelhead are no different that any other steelhead all of the same patterns wirk there as work down here in the states. The only thing I would so is step up a few sizes. The smallest wet fly I fished while on the Babine was a 1/0 . Skaters can be tied the same size as here in the states.

here is a list of what I would take

(24) Muddlers: in various colors and sizes
(12)Bombers : especially moose turds

(12 each )Skunks: 1/0- 3/0
(12)Silver hilton spiders 1/0
(12)Lady caroline 1/0
(12 each)Black bunny leech 1/0- 4/0
(12 each)purple bunny leech 1/0-4/0
(12 each)General practitioners in purple , orange and Black 1/0-4/0

In my opinion with this selection you have all the bases covered. This may seem like over kill but you don't wanna be 1000 miles from home and run out of your best pattern, and you never know which pattern that will be. The reason I went up to 4/0 with some of these is because you want to still be able to fish it the rivers start to blow on you like they did for us.