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: Striblue's 1st Annual top 10 useless FF products

02-20-2002, 10:20 AM
OK this is the 1ST ANNUAL REVIEW.. Please note that this is my opinion and not meant to insult or offend. This is for year 2002. so here goes...... Number 10- PLASTIC SQUEEZE WATER BOTTLES-Why anyone would pay up to 5 bucks for this is beyond me when they can buy one at a local variety store for a buck ... with the water in it. Number 9---DOG CUSHIONS-- I only mention this because I am trying to figure out why Orvis would devote 2 pages in it's flyfishing catalogue to advertise Dog Cushions... anyone know why? NUmber 8-- CERAMIC NIPPERS-Why? ..because they don't work..that's why. Number 7---FLIP FOCALS-- You know... the ones you attach to the brim of your hat and look though from about 1 foot.. the same ones that go flying off with your5 fly on every 5th roll cast. Number 6-- ABEL MINI TOOL-- $40 bucks.... please!!!!! Number 5- HAWAIIAN PRINT FLATS SHIRTS-- Good for Apres flyfishing and at the local watering hole... but on the flats .. a sure fire way to scare the poop out of every fish.. all I can say is ,"Bookem, Dano". Number 4--- TRADITIONAL MULT-POCKET FISHING VESTS - Sorry guys... but until I got rid of mine and opted for the simple vest pack, I had this continious nightmare of being swamed by PETA members all looking like the cast of the original "Night of the Living Dead" and I was frantically looking for my car keys.... but kept ripping useless flyfishing gadgets from the pockets.. I can even talk about it now... but .. don't worry.. the vests are now being used as mandatory equipement at local Adult education programs teaching ,"How to improve and strenghten your Memory". Number 3--WATERPROOF FLY BOXES-- Why I ask? You will be getting you flies wet anyway by opening and closing all day.. they may keep the water out but they also keep it in... so if you forget to wash out your box.. if in saltwater ..on a Sunday night... by next weekend you will have the look of that German Guy who opened the Ark of the Covenant in the first Indiana Jones Movie. Number 2- ORVIS STRIKE INDICATORS-- The low Flow indicator.... the Turn -on stike indicator... the nymph tracker indicator... and My favorite... the Pop - Top indicator.... The stick always points in the dirction of the fly.. when the stick is up... the fly is straight below... idicatating optimal drift...The product should come with a copy of Stephen Hawkings, " The Universe In a Nut Shell",, you should then master the concepts of Quantum Mechanics... and wear your flip-focals. Number 1 and an all timmer-- ORVIS ONE SHOE FOR EVERY SITUATION-- For $150 bucks you get the shoe.. then you pay $30 bucks and get the studded felt insert sole... then for another $30 bucks you get the studded rubber insert sole... then for just $20 bucks more you get the Plain felt sole... you do the Math... well that's it folks.

02-20-2002, 10:27 AM
Arrrrgh! Don't leave me hangin like that! What are the rest?

02-20-2002, 10:29 AM
#7 - Ghink Brand Fly sink liquid! Instead of floatant, this liquid makes the fly wet so it sinks. :hehe:

02-20-2002, 11:02 AM
Great list Striblue.

I probably would only switch out one. The dog beds are useful cause they keep the dog in one place while I am tying flies...

I would put in the vac-u-rac car top rod holders. Sorry if someone uses them but I finds them kinda silly.

I for one am not going to trust my $500 rods to stay safe on my roof by the power of suction.Just break em down folks and it gives you a good excuse to re-wax your ferrules.

Plus they cost $100. Think of how much ghink you can buy for $100. You can get your flies down real *deep* and create your own mini oil slick in the process.:chuckle:


John Desjardins
02-20-2002, 11:22 AM
Number 9---DOG CUSHIONS-- I only mention this because I am trying to figure out why Orvis would devote 2 pages in it's flyfishing catalogue to advertise Dog Cushions... anyone know why?

High profit margin. :devil:

I'd add to the list any fly box that doesn't float, and Orvis strike putty. Use it and your a double haul away from turning your your strike indicator into liter :rolleyes:.

02-20-2002, 11:33 AM
Great list, I do not have 10 favorites but here are a couple. I hate the fly floatant holder that hangs upside down on your vest. I emptied an entire bottle of floatant down the front of my shirt the first week I had it. Wheatly fly boxes. The are pretty but $100 for a box is a bit steep. They are too big anyway. Neopreen waders. I finally bought some breathables and will never go back.


02-20-2002, 11:57 AM
Good list unfortunately I am still using the Multi Pocket old style fly vest. After 40 years of FF it would be to radical for me to change now.

BTW, does any body ever wash their vest or do you just (like me) let the river wash it for you ? Bad luck to wash your vest I think.


Have to think of other useless things for the list. Although I don't usually by from Orvis so I may not have as many ideas.


02-20-2002, 12:01 PM
I actually thought about the rod racks Sean mentioned and the upside down bottles. I don't consider Wheatley boxes useless.. just expensive and more of a classic English FF product...Good to store special flies at home... the good all foam flaoting fly boxes that breath are what you want. PM... please add to the list.. I would wash my old vest but I am afraid I will not be able to empty everything in the pockets. Hmmmmm. I know there is a set of car keys in there.... let's see... if I can only remember where......:chuckle:

02-20-2002, 12:15 PM
To each his own I guess. I feel naked without my vest and those chest things look awkward but I have never tried one. Speaking of washing vests, did anyone see the picture of the vest that was donated to some museum by Prince Charles or some other royalty? It was in American Angler or Fly Rod and Reel recently and was totally discusting. It looks like the prince has enough $$ to hire someone else to fall in for him!

02-20-2002, 12:20 PM
John --

I hope you'll be coming to the UFT auction in April.....there are bound to be a couple of things that you'll feel obliged to buy and field test!!


(I hope you were "comped" for at least a few of the things
on your list!!!!!!!)


02-20-2002, 12:22 PM
The suction holders are indispensable for bank hopping with Spey rods, so they can't be on the list. And don't diss my Wheatley unless you're ready to downgrade your reels to pfleugers and put them on an ugly stick (yes they actually do make flyrods) ;) ;)

Striblue, as you know I've been a chest pack fan on the flats for several years and have encouraged a number of folks to drop their vests as well - but the traditional vest is perfect for the gadgetry needed for trout, salmon or steelhead flyfishing on cool forest streams. Can't be on the useless list ;)

Neoprene? Two words: winter steelhead. There is a 'use' for them for sure, but they're not all-purpose by any means.

Our standards for uselessness must be the very highest... lowest? :hehe:

John Desjardins
02-20-2002, 12:31 PM
Hey whats wrong with Pflueger reels :devil: :devil:. Some of us still use them. ;)

One more that I thought of is the spring retractor for nets. It's lots of fun ducking when the net comes flying back at your head after its stuck on a bush.

02-20-2002, 12:31 PM
How about those funky *ss corkscrew things that you screw into your flyline so you can tie your leader directly to that. :rolleyes:

Some people will buy anything...and I once did. But I was young and didnt know a nail knot from a clinch knot. :o

02-20-2002, 12:57 PM
Ok.. I knew this would be taken personnal... the vest thing is probably ok for Trout fishing.. but not for escaping from the usual crowd and starting your car... Seriously... for saltwater fishing I would not wear it. I am trying to think of a term different than "useless". I guess everything is useful depending on what you are doing. When I come up the word I will edit the list title.;)

Dble Haul
02-20-2002, 03:29 PM
John- How about "overrated", "overhyped", or "overused"? That ought to be less conflicting to others. :)

And yeah, what's wrong with Pflueger reels? :p

02-20-2002, 04:14 PM
OK, ok - the pflueger's in... but not the ugly stick! ;)

Striblue, the notion of a 'useless' list is hilarious! Great idea, with your permission I'd like to make it official... a useless page :hehe:

What say we decide only those items that are universally useless can make our hall of shame? That is to say if they work in a bona fide situation somewhere in flyfishing, then they can't be useless.

For instance, some of us even wear WADERS :devil:

02-20-2002, 04:28 PM
Floating lines!!

Long live the QD!! :devil: ;)

02-20-2002, 04:31 PM
I just got a copy of the " The Inovative Angler " catalog. They fancy themselves as a sort of Sharper Image for fly fisherman and I gotta say that they have more than a few items that have me scratching my head.
They had tungsten nippers for $80 and floating titanium hemostats for $120!"Will last a lifetime". I don't care how well they work, I'll keep losing the cheap ones.
While they might not be useless their private label "Princeton " fly rod must be great. They claim that it uses special "aero space technology to create a traditional feel". I'm sold..NOT! They also have a machined large arbor reel called a "Sable". It costs $2,300 for their "Striper" model."The polymer drag disc out performs organic discs at the moleculr level to provide just the right amount of resistance for inshore game fish." A true example of slapping a high price on something and waiting for a sucker. I hope no one falls for these Korean rip offs.
The "Water Baby" floating baby back pack seems real safe."Just disengage the quick release, and when you regain your balance, retreive the the child with the retractable lanyard." I'm seeing Baby Moses drifting down the Nile. Mom would love that.
Or how about the "Fish Aid Release Juice". It's a medicine dropper filled with ground shrimp(insects in the freshwater blend), glucose and antibiotics. They claim that it repenishes the the energy expended by a caught fish to improve the survival rate. "Tested extensivly by our endorsed guides". "The Fish will thank you". Yeah I'd be really hungry just after fighting for my life.
Well you know what they say about another one being born every minute.

02-20-2002, 04:43 PM
Its got to be a parody - no? The Mad Magazine catalog of flyfishing. Anyone remember the goose down parodies in the 70's Those items are a riot! I would love to get acopy and see how many of the items I can spot on the water this year.

02-20-2002, 05:52 PM
Juro... now the wader issue is not fair. anyway... the real important thing is I just beat my 17 year old to the SI Swimsuit edition that just came in. Now that is USEFULL!

02-20-2002, 06:21 PM
What about those cheap packaged flies found in many general sporting goods stores that usually are good for one or two casts before they disengage from the hook ?

Have not tried them in at least 30 years bet the quality is not much better now.

Saw them today at my local general sporting good shop here in Chicago.

02-20-2002, 08:01 PM
1. Camouflage fishing shirts- you should see the picture I ahve of my buddy wearing a realy gaudy hawaiian shirt and catching a nice redfish from about 4 inches of water.
2. Any hat that is not a long brimmed ball cap style- what's the point if your eyes are not shaded?
3.chest packs- I'm sorry but I could never give up my vest for trout fishing and seem to need way more stuff than those things can handle when wading flats and therefore use a large back-pack.
4. Redington fly rods- nuff sed
:eyecrazy: :chuckle:

02-20-2002, 08:49 PM
when you 'order' them form almost anybody. $2.50-3.50 each. Give me a break. Most of the smaller patterns I don't have the time/mental energy to screw around. Call Jim at Hills Discount Flys (yes, he's on the web) and you'll get a dozen well tied for $6.95 - $9 buck per dozen. Well done, you can afford to order a doz. of this a doz of that and go fishing .... or tie tube flys along with the glass (ONLY ONE ice cube!!! you createns) of trusty single malt.

02-20-2002, 09:16 PM
Originally posted by striblue
Number 6-- ABEL MINI TOOL-- $40 bucks.... please!!!!!

No doubt...I got one. Was kissing major ass trying to get schwaged a Super 8 from the PNW's new rep and all I got was the Abel Perfect Tool or whatever the Hell its called. Its neat and its light so you can hang it off a zinger but it isn't worth no $40.

02-20-2002, 09:27 PM
Hey Roop, if yer givin' away useless floating lines (9wt from any reputable manufacturer) then I'll take 'em of yer hands:D

But for tops of the useless tables has to be the guy who came up with this:,13466,197028,00.html

I either want to know where he fishes or get my hands on whatever he's smokin':devil:

John Desjardins
02-20-2002, 09:34 PM
Adrian, I want whoever wrote that table to apply their unique numerical talents to writing my pay check. :devil: :devil:

02-20-2002, 11:52 PM
Last year I thought I might make a change. I spent the whole winter looking at chest packs, to get just the right one. Most were too small, others had different shortcomings. Finally found one I thought was just right, big enough to hold all my boxes and spare spools and gadgets. Came the first outing of the season and I put on my waders and my raincoat and my spankin new chest pack, all neatly filled. I looked like Dolly Parton wearing a Mae West! I couldn`t see to walk, I couldn`t raise my arm to cast. Capt. Ray nearly wet himself laughing! It was the worst money I`ve ever spent. Sold it that day and will never have another. My vest was like the return of an old friend. If it only had more and bigger pockets!

02-21-2002, 12:42 AM
Slinger ..don't forget.. all you really need for a days fishing is one fly box..your pliers and maybe a knife around your wast. your minimal chest pack should have your leader material.. a compass .. water.. energy bars.. sun glasses... GPS if no compass...Small rain jacket in the back pocket.... That leaves plenty of room in the vest pack for maybe a camera . so... a vest pak is much easier to handle than a multi-pocket vest with ALL your gear in it. IMHO... look at my picture in the thread... rain? no problem ..substitute the vest pack with the front pockets of your rain jacket and if on a boat you can still wear an inflatable life jacket which I am wearing in the picture... very comfortable and light... especially if your forced to make an 8 mile hike on South Monomoy because the ferry could not get down to the pick up.

02-21-2002, 01:06 AM
The two best outdoor equipment investments I made in the last 5 years have been my 25' trailer - the "Martini Bar" and my Vac Rac rod carriers. Juro, I thank you for the defense. With speyrods - which in my opinion must be taped - the Racs are a necessity, in fact they'd be cheap at twice the price! I spent one spring driving around the Sauk/Skagit holding a pair of speyrods outside the window at 55MPH - it was not a pleasant experience. I guess one needs to live the Speyrod experience to appreciate this product. Now felt on the soles of the Dan Bailey wading cleats - that's a useless product!

02-21-2002, 01:17 AM
One fly box! God forbid! I carry more flies on my fleece patch than could fit in one box. I usually give away a dozen flies on a walk down the beach. At least I seldom have to wish I had somthing that is sitting in the truck.

Scott K
02-21-2002, 01:34 AM
I honestly think that factory sink tip fly lines are a useless product. I mean they can be used, but you gain so much more versatility by having a sink tip system where you can change the tip according to various conditions. Relating to this, this then makes having many different spools with many different factory sink tips a useless product as well, or way of going about things, again, relating to the fact that you can create or buy sink tip systems now and add tips accordingly to your personal situation and change them when need be.

I am also starting to question the use of false (overhead) casting on rivers using single handers for Steelhead, Trout, Salmon, whatever. I mean if you're out on a slough for cutties or coho, this doesn't apply, but why would you bother using conventional overhead casting when you can spey cast? It's so much more efficient! Even with a single hander! Surprised it hasn't caught on in more places (rivers) than just Steelhead streams and Atlantic Salmon Rivers. OR HAS IT?

02-21-2002, 02:19 AM
Ok you Guys,
We now have a very good book going here, who is going to put this all together, and put it in print. I know someone will buy it! This has the makings of some classic fly fishing do's and don'ts. What to by and not to waste your money on. One of my favorites is the Hodgmens Wadelite waders. I am going on my 4th pair. Not complaining about the warranty, but jeeze, you'd think they would last out a season before they start to leak!

02-21-2002, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by steeliesonafly
One of my favorites is the Hodgmens Wadelite waders. I am going on my 4th pair. Not complaining about the warranty, but jeeze, you'd think they would last out a season before they start to leak!

Bailey's man!! $199.99 or $294.99 and limited lifetime warranty and many shops will do it over the counter. I' ve seen only a couple pairs out hundreds sold come back...

...okey my soapbox! ;)

02-21-2002, 09:07 AM
OK... I love this... stay tune for my top 10 most useful products... now I know there are alot so the concept has to be the TOP 10... for versitility... cost, etc. But I need to think this though to pick ONLY 10.... Andy Rooney would get upset.

02-21-2002, 12:59 PM
Here's my question to IronMan -

Is it your intention to provide free legal representation to the many members here who, when solicited to contribute to the up-coming Best-Seller "Useless Fishing Tackle and Where Not to Waste Your Money" (Copyright Bonehead Press, 2002) shall suffer tort claims by manufacturers and licensed (trademark) retail sales companies world wide???

If so, your dreams of early retirement should be reconsidered :eyecrazy:

02-21-2002, 01:22 PM
How about the Mike Rite leader gauge - $25. Read the spool label!!!

02-21-2002, 01:30 PM
AAhhh!... Mr. Fix just broke the first rule of your new position reporting to Frederick... my valet... I am sure he no doubt informed you that you are to speak to me though him. However, I will overlook this careless bit of indiscretion, and lack of appropriate proticol on your part, and let Frederick do any disciplining he sees fit.. albeit... If I am sued by a manufacturer... which I don't think they can do since there is no malace involved... I will simply blame the entire affair.... on you.

02-21-2002, 01:58 PM
2 useless things missed:

* Mental Gymnastics on web boards
* Guides (except for free ones :razz: )

ducking and running...............

02-21-2002, 02:00 PM
He is in no way responsible for, nor should he be held to, any dictates regarding communique' between the aforementioned (hereinafter known as the 'parties') parties.

After much consideration and research, I reiterate: I shall purchase and distribute Thesaurii and Dictionarii on behalf of those whose needs and requirements so warrant.

In view of researching various sites for a proposed 'Retirement Proprietorship', remuneration for said research, including office staff, title search, per diem, mileage allowances, incidental insurances, etc., is due and payable upon demand.

02-21-2002, 05:17 PM
Originally posted by Lefty
2 useless things missed:

* Mental Gymnastics on web boards
* Guides (except for free ones :razz: )

ducking and running...............

Glad to see my contributions are appreciated.:razz:

02-21-2002, 06:13 PM
Yes I am one who has never used a fishing guide in 40 years,
but now I will rethink that when visiting foreign waters to ensure I do not waste precious days fishing water with no fish or radically wrong tactics.

How many others have not EVER used a fishing guide ?

02-21-2002, 08:36 PM
I am going to take the high road here and not get into this...

02-21-2002, 09:16 PM
I would use a guide on new waters as I did in the Bahamas... Only used one guide on the Cape years ago... for going on a boat on my birthday... but atleast in Chatham.. I could probably shore guide and with a boat.. I could without problem... The simple reason is that I have fished everywhere around there for years... but the real test is my first paid guiding trip in Chatham which has been reserved by Terry (Lefty)... he made me promise not to tell.;) :hehe:

02-21-2002, 09:21 PM
Capt. Gordon

Nothing against guides, I have only had the need really for them when I was relocated to the Midwest from east coast and had to reengineer from a trout fisherman to a steelhead/salmon fisherman. Basically same fishing but heavier tackle, and knowledge of how, when, and where to fish for andromous species was the challenge. Having 20 years of years of FF experience before that helped for sure

That was the challenge, it took 2 years to really figure it out. Started hooking fish regularly after a couple of trips but really took 2 years to get competent on all 4 seasons of fishing in the mid west. A guide would have accelerated the learning curve, but it was a great feeling out fishing the guides after only two years or at least staying even with them.

Nothing like the challenge of figuring out steelhead and salmons runs.

When I do a trip to foreign waters would use a guide for at least the beginning of the trip, or at least good knowledge from some one who knows the water being fished.

Went to your web site some interesting flies wish I could do some saltwater fishing, but I am Great Lakes bound right now.


02-22-2002, 04:57 AM
Here is another one for consideration. The Clutch on the Lampson LP series reels. Had the clutch fail twice on me. You would think that they could get it right. Now I carry a spare just in case.

02-22-2002, 08:43 AM
Just poking fun at guides. I would use one in a heartbewat on new waters where time must be maximized. Guides are generally good dudes. I've been guided by friends in the Chatham area but not much happened...these guys talked a big game but just couldn't locate any fish. Probably just another case of exaggerated fishermens tales. :rolleyes:


02-22-2002, 09:05 AM
Terry... I think you were in Chatham twice last year.. I may be wrong.. but don't forget the day we were out we had a strong North West wind... a proven downer in those conditions as far as fishing from the shore... so my mission this spring or summer is for you to stay at CAC for atleast two nights and I will give you a 7 weight if you don't catch.. say a 30 plus inch striper during that period..providing the conditions are somewhat optimal. Besides.. I have a nice antique cane surf casting rod I want to show you.:)

02-22-2002, 09:12 AM
Well thanks a lot buddy! I have "guided" you on Chatham twice, big girl and south beach... both times you hooked keeper stripers, both times er... you... um... didn't land them :rolleyes: :devil: :smokin:

Originally posted by Lefty
Just poking fun at guides. I would use one in a heartbewat on new waters where time must be maximized. Guides are generally good dudes. I've been guided by friends in the Chatham area but not much happened...these guys talked a big game but just couldn't locate any fish. Probably just another case of exaggerated fishermens tales. :rolleyes:


02-22-2002, 09:16 AM
OOOHHHH! Juro... I forgot about that... yes... you are right.

02-22-2002, 10:10 AM
Is there a draft in here? Close the window will ya it's cold:p
Anyway, that barely legal escaped me on Big Girl because we were waiting around posing for pictures to be taken of triples. I shoulda (coulda woulda) yanked the thing out of the water. Instead, limp line, hook drops out. So it doesn't count when 2 other guys hook bigger keepers RIGHT before you as a distraction. Don't let it happen again!
As for the RIP TRIP: "Hey Terry and that you're hooked into lunkers, let's go, the boat is coming to pick us up". Besides The RIP isn't Chatham proper. So there. My eye is starting to twitch with all this talk, where's my prozac?
Serenity Now!


02-22-2002, 10:57 AM
Originally posted by striblue
Terry... I think you were in Chatham twice last year.. I may be wrong.. but don't forget the day we were out we had a strong North West wind... a proven downer in those conditions as far as fishing from the shore...

Didn't I fish the same spot the next day, same conditions WITH success?? ;)

How do I get in on the 7 weight action?

Hey John, thanks for lunch today:hehe:, it's always nice to spend time with an old friend!!


02-22-2002, 11:33 AM
Originally posted by Roop

..How do I get in on the 7 weight action?


You have to drive 100 miles to Chatham, get skunked with your pals who swear there were fish here last time:hehe:, then drive home. 4 times.
Hey Doug Burgess might be a contendah.
Contest Rules: You may not be a family member of Striblue or an attendee at the 2001 Mecca meetings. Sorry Roop.


02-22-2002, 11:36 AM
But, I love a challenge. So you will see me there again this year. Need to find a boat launch inside.


02-22-2002, 12:06 PM
OHH NOO... Jeff... I took today off and forgot all about our meeting in Charlestown... I will make it up to you.. let s set some other time... ok?

02-22-2002, 12:55 PM
Roop, I feel your pain -

Isn't it interesting how much and about whom he forgets when the going gets tough??? as Church Lady would say -


p.s. - slick little deal for the 7 wt. - all ya have to do is screw up to the point of frustration and you're IN!!!:devil:

02-22-2002, 03:32 PM

Nothing to apologize for.

It was very interesting to see how your associates scurried about when they realized who I was there to see (maybe it was the suit?).

Nice to see how the big dogs run their shop.

Speaking of dogs, I left you a little "present". Watch your step when you return on Monday!! ;)

Have a great weekend.


02-22-2002, 03:36 PM
skunking contest: we should all put up the dough for gas - the "winner" needs to get something for his "victory".

Oh yeah, if there was ever somebody good at being skunked, it's me - not only that but I see to it that all around me are skunked too - proper skunked (for those who've seen the movie 'snatch').

02-22-2002, 06:33 PM
For my freshwater fishing tool most NOT used, I nominate the Ketchum Release. It's been hanging off my vest for years, never used. I like forceps a lot better to remove the fly. Easier and faster. And I don't need two sizes depending on the size of the hook.

02-22-2002, 06:36 PM
For saltwater equipment, I really disliked the chest pak I purchased as I couldn't see over it and it inhibited my stripping of line when using a stripping basket. I kept bumping it with my hands. Went back to my over the shoulder bag.

02-22-2002, 06:55 PM
Hey Roop & John, Warren Tavern? Tavern on the Water?

02-22-2002, 07:26 PM
Says it guarantees that pike teeth will not penetrate the glove.
Never wore it again!

02-22-2002, 08:10 PM
Jeff.. you will love this but they thought you were from the Securities ans Exchange Commission!... no wonder I took the day off!

02-22-2002, 08:28 PM
I don't think anyone would contest that nomination! :whoa:

Originally posted by FrenchCreek
Says it guarantees that pike teeth will not penetrate the glove.
Never wore it again!

02-22-2002, 08:56 PM
The most useless--stripping baskets.
From the point of view of the tackle dealer-something else to sell these goobers.
From the point of view of the flyfisher-something to show that I'm different from the rest of these goobers.
Perhaps I got into to this too soon, back in the early 60's. Never thought of any such thing. Did take one up when they fiorst started to use them. Found them to be more of a pain than they were worth.
On a positive note, at the shore when asked by a women what it was, I replied that it was used to wash my hands of the fish smell. She relied that it was a thoughtfull jesture to my wife. And I said that's why she lets me go fishing.
Ron Montecalvo

02-22-2002, 09:09 PM
Many posts in this thread tell us much about regional and species-based preferences and perspectives. That is to say that one man's useless is another's must-have. This is not bad, it's great - viva la difference!

But to make it onto THE useless list you must be useless across boundaries for the majority of practitioners in all regions.


- molecularly superior drag $2,300 striper reel
- ghink
- leader butt corkscrews
- first aid release juice
- outdoor life calculation tables
- Mike Rite leader gauge
- Pike proof glove

need a vote:

- factory sink tip lines
- ketchum release

nominate others: <your turn>

02-22-2002, 09:26 PM
How about Hip Boots ?

Can't remember the last time I saw anyone wearing them.

Thats what I started fly fishing with a long time ago.

Waders are in world wide I believe

:razz: :razz:

02-22-2002, 10:11 PM
Knot tying tools?

John Desjardins
02-22-2002, 10:49 PM
I'll second hip boots. Half the time that I wore them I ended up wading waist deep anyways.

02-23-2002, 12:07 PM

I am a mess without a stripping basket. I recall one May on the Joppa Flats when I forgot my basket and I spent more time retrieving my stripped out line before every new cast than I spent actually fishing!

Count me in for a positive vote for stripping baskets.

02-23-2002, 06:51 PM
Hi doogue I'll give another vote for the basket as a user of one year only on the pacific side, but did you not recognize shaialude as the guy on the beach with the spring wound reel:devil: :smokin: ..


02-23-2002, 07:03 PM
It must be a genetic trait. I look like a cat with scotch tape stuck to its paws when I cast in a current without a stripping basket. I could easily hog tie myself with the stripped in line and have to hop back to shore to untangle my legs.

Though I think a stripping basket is a key piece of gear I believe that next to your rod and reel the most important accessory to have is a decent pair of polarized sunglasses.

~Mark Doogue

02-23-2002, 08:28 PM
OK.. this post says nothing but I figured if I posted something to bring it to the top of the thread it would pass 1000 views... juro, are there any other threads that have this number? Anyway I am really surprised that this brought that many views.

02-23-2002, 09:43 PM
I just voted it a Five so you can get the ******* stars

Congratulations :smokin: :smokin:

02-24-2002, 08:56 AM
How 'bout those floating plastic fishing pliers? Yes, I was fooled into actually buying some (buy one, get one free!). Never worry about losing your pliers overboard again - they even glow in the dark! Sure, they float. They are also flexible and are absolutely useless for removing hooks from fish, or for any other use that requires you to actually grip something tightly with the pliers.

Here's another one that seems useless to me, but perhaps the more experienced fly fishermen can confirm this. It's the No-Knot Fas-Snap. Floats with a dry fly! It's a small metal hook that you tie onto your leader so you can attach flies to the leader without tying a knot. I just can't imagine that they would be secure enough to be useful.


02-24-2002, 09:26 AM
Yes seen them, but never seen anyone that I know use them.

Now a great invention would be some type of automatic fly to leader knot tyer. It is always difficult, but try it in winter steelheading conditions 20-30 degree temps, lower wind chills always on the rivers, when your brain and hands are both numb:chuckle: :chuckle:

When some one invents this there will be a big market for sure.

02-25-2002, 08:55 AM
Exotoids, Tunoids, Tunny, Funny Fish, Chatham-centric-oids etc. Them labels.


Dble Haul
02-25-2002, 09:54 AM
I'll chime in with another positive vote for stripping baskets. In the surf, on rocky points, in estuaries, on jetties.....I find them indespensible. Without one, I'd constantly be doing the flyfishing equivalent of 52 card pickup. :rolleyes:

02-25-2002, 07:11 PM
Originally posted by saltRon
Hi doogue I'll give another vote for the basket as a user of one year only on the pacific side, but did you not recognize shaialude as the guy on the beach with the spring wound reel:devil: :smokin: ..

No, I would be the guy with the flyline hanging from my mouth. When I started flyfishing in the salt the essential gear was a rod reel and line. We fished in the surf, from jettys and rocks. You learned that you could keep your line clear of obstructions by holding the first loop betweeen your lips. After using a stripping basket it became a pain in the butt. I couln't see my feet while wading. In the surf line washes out and it is useless.
I guess when fly fishing school was in session I missed out on the stripping basket classes.:chuckle: :chuckle:

02-25-2002, 09:08 PM
One thing you can do to see where your walking is wear the basket cocked slightly to one side.. the side of your striping hand.. I find it very uncomfortable to have the basket directly in front of you...actually takes the basket out of play when casting and walking... also ,for any distances you swing it around your back anyway.

02-28-2002, 08:53 PM
Stripping Baskets Are A Must!!!
If you're having trouble with a stripping basket getting in the way try this sling it lower and looser, off to the side where your stripping hand stops on the on the pull. Before long you'll forget its there.

03-04-2002, 01:01 PM
How about those beautifully-engineered, extremely pricey, and impossible-to-find-in-that-fishing-vest's-18th-pocket tools which tie blood & nail knots for you (NOT) ?
I have abandoned my vest, since it got so heavily laden that it gave me a pain in the neck after a few hours at the waterside.
I have 'rationalised' my requirements & house them comfortably in a simple chest pack.

01-20-2003, 10:48 AM
I thought I would bump this up for a comparison..have not seen it since last year.

Bob Pauli
01-20-2003, 02:38 PM
Maxima tippet spool.

John Desjardins
01-20-2003, 02:52 PM
Bob, Get rid of the utterly useless clear plastic cover then put on an elastic band from a bunch of brocoli. A cheap & easy fix.

01-20-2003, 03:01 PM
A few years back I bought this Abel chest pack thingie, loaded it up, and on the first use on the stream, it dumped half the contents into the water. Worst piece of crap I ever wasted $90.00 on.

If you don't like stripping baskets, check out how Leif Stavro on the ICS video controls slack line with his pinkie.

01-20-2003, 03:06 PM
I think the Hawaiian shirt is an undervalued piece of fishing equipment!;)

01-20-2003, 09:49 PM
one other criteria to consider...

sponsors products (and/or those that we're wooing) should be banned from the list. :eek: doh!!

Originally posted by juro

What say we decide only those items that are universally useless can make our hall of shame? That is to say if they work in a bona fide situation somewhere in flyfishing, then they can't be useless.

For instance, some of us even wear WADERS :devil:

01-20-2003, 09:53 PM
I part of the reason sponsors will believe in us is our honesty and neutrality. If we avoid calling it like we see it, we won't be honest anymore.

I think we should always call a spade a spade - but please never call a spade a SHOVEL. ;)

01-20-2003, 10:44 PM
Hey..This is last years..not this years.. and I have never included a sponsor..natural should one appear as a sponsor they would automatically be taken off the list and I would create my top 10 most valuable products.;) In fact ,sponsors get speacial treatment in that new list... and if someone wants off the bad list's really easy..they COULD become a sponsor.....

Bob Pauli
01-21-2003, 12:23 PM
John D--Thanks.