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: A fishing report................ (what's that?)

02-18-2002, 09:22 AM
Fished the Skagit at the rock pile Saturday. Water was cold and clear. First time through, nothing. Decided to fish the upper run again. Half way down a seal pops up not 10 feet from me. Headed home.

Sunday, slept in and didn't head for the river until 1 o'clock. Started fishing about 2. Half way through my favorite run the rod dips hard and 80 feet out a bright steelhead leaps 2 feet into the air. Several minutes later I release a nice 12 to 14 pound native hen. Back into the run and fish number 2. This one was a 3 or 4 pound hatchery hen. What the ???? Decided to release the small hen. 4 or 5 cast later fish number 3! This fish is strong although I don't think it got me much into my backing if at all. The fish is heavy and strong. After a couple of runs I finally see a huge buck. He might go 40 inches. Rosy cheeks and flanks. He is already displaying he spawning colors. Every time I get him up close and his stomach touches the rocks off he runs. He is so powerful I can do nothing but, let him go. 15 minutes, and I can finally attempt to tail him. I grab his tail and cannot get my hand around the wrist. I laid my rod down to get a better hold and off he goes throwing water everywhere. I grab the rod but, the big fish shocks and breaks my tippet. If you hook into a big buck and find a black GP in the corner of his mouth I would like the fly back please. What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-18-2002, 09:46 AM
Great weekend story. 2:00pm tee time egad it sounds like a very effective "strategy", I heard reports from guys who were in Armadas waiting to fish crowded waters who went home with not much more than frustation and wet waders. So smiles all around if I run into your fly I'll...........

02-18-2002, 11:41 AM
I wish our rivers had fish like that. A fly guy here in SouthWest Washington is lucky to get 3 winter runs a season let alone 3 a day. I know the Skagit,Stilly,Sky Etc. have seen better days but guys you really need to be counting your blessings for what you have. I wish our rivers got 3-6 thousand fish a winter instead of 50-200. I fished hard on the Sandy yesterday with no results. Saw 15 other boats with no luck and 20 or so bankies with no results.

02-18-2002, 01:38 PM
Thanks Kerry, you made my day. I am now officially cRaZy about getting my behind out there this spring!

Must go tie black GPs.... :devil: