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: New Fisherman needs help

02-16-2002, 01:14 PM
Okay I am looking for advice on how to get started fly fishing and the correct way. I am an avid fisherman with a spinning reel or baitcaster. The boat is set-up for trolling. But I am starting all over in fly fishing. So I am open to some good advice. I am thinking of a 6wt rod and reel with weight forward line. I am looking to fish streams for trout as well as small ponds for trout and bass. I have the L.L. Bean catalog, Orvis Catalog and Cabella catalog and I am somewhat a bit lost. I do have a daughter in college and a wife with a wooden bat so I do have a budget. Lets keep it under $300 for an outfit and we will all be happy. I also have another post under rods as I do have a preference in two travel type rods. But, maybe a travel rod is not a good choice for a beginner. Your advice will be appreciated.
Thank you in advance..

02-16-2002, 02:23 PM
1. Go to the trout section and send a private message to French Creek (Pete L) he's the moderator of that sectoin, a guide and one of the most humble resources there is. He'll give you some great recommendations for rods.

2. Spend the extra $$ for a travel rod.

3. After you get Pete's rec's, try the rod at a local shop where they should throw in a casting lesson or two & buy the most expensive rod you can afford.

4. For trout & bass the reel is just a place to store your line, save your money there right now & make sure you get the rod you want.

Good luck.


02-16-2002, 03:28 PM
Coincidentally I just got to try one of our member's Temple Creek four pc travel rods today and it was pretty sweet. Should be just the thing for what you seek in a 6wt... ~$150

For a reel, I would think that something like a Ross Colorado for $100 plus a line would be a nice starter trout outfit under $300.

02-16-2002, 06:53 PM
I would get this:

that way you get a good 4 piece rod and everything else you need to get started. A tad over your budget but sage is a good rod and I wish i would have bought this package when I first started out.

A lot of shops sell this sage outfit and I bet you could even find it cheaper.


02-17-2002, 01:47 AM
I second the 4pc Temple Fork Outfitters Ti rods($150) and would also recommend a Redington AS reel(being discounted for about $100) .Add a quality flyline and you are all set with a system that is very high quality for a minimal price.Chances are ,even if you can afford something pricier in the future,you won't feel the need to "upgrade" as this is already a very good system.

02-17-2002, 02:04 AM
First of all, search out a very reputible flyshop in your area that is willing to sit down and put the backing and the line and a butt section and leader altogther for you. Also find a shop that is willing to give you some quick pointers, maybe a quick casting lesson in the parking lot etc.

If you want to hang right around $300, my personel preference would be to go with a St. Croix Imperial 9' #6 which runs right around $140. It is a very similiar rod to the Sage DS2 but a little softer...

Next I would take a serious look at the Ross Cimarons...$130-$140 depending upon what size you get. Juro mentioned the Colorado's and they are an excellent reel but rumor has it then Ross is considering dumping this reel in the next couple years.

The Cimarons, for $50 more, come with a lifetime warranty (Ross's warranty service is the best in the business), are machined from the high grade aluminum and come with a killer disc drag.

Pick up a WF Rio Mainstream or Cortland 444 and you are all set. Right at around $300...

ENJOY!!! :)