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: A beginner needs help with travel rods

02-16-2002, 01:56 PM
I am a new fly fisherman. I am an avid fisherman and tried fly fishing years ago with little success. I am giving it a try again and want to purchase the best gear for my money. I am considering a 6wt travel rod for my first outfit. I am considering the Cabelas 7 pc Stowaway combo with the Drake reel or the L.L. Bean Travel Series 6 pc rod with a Meriden reel. I would like to take the canoe back into some remote ponds so the travel rods are being considered. I would greatly appreciate any info and input from some experienced fisherman. Tell me what you think. If you think a 6wt line is my wrong choice or if I should stay with a 2 piece rod. Please tell me. If you like or dislike these two travel outfits, please tell me. Help me to get on the right trail. Tell me as you really think. I want to get it right this time.
Thank you,

02-16-2002, 04:49 PM
LL Bean has good stuff and good service. The only two comments I would make are (a) have you cast the rod to see if you like it? (b) is 7pc really necessary?

I wonder if a travel rod has to be quite that small? Each ferrule introduces a potential loosening/problem point and extra care to prepare. Do you really want something smaller than a 4 or 5 pc travel rod?

5wt is better for trout, 7wt is better for FW bass - so a 6 is the compromise you'd have to make for both species. If you are primarily going to do high elevation trout, you might go 4 or even less. If the bass are in thick cover and like big flies, an 8 would be best. I personally felt compromised with a 6 in both situations and now own both a 5 and a 7 (no 6wt). You just can't win! :devil:

Good luck with your choice.