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: oh, no! sorry Juro, I forgot to do this!

02-15-2002, 06:51 PM
Hi, I'm Tom Dunlap I'm a 49 yr old stay-at-home dad. I live in Sharon, Ma. I retired at 44 from Ma Bell to stay home with my son and daughter now 6 and 4. grew up in a Huck Finn kinda way, playing in haylofts, farms and orchards in Ashland,Ma (that's all there was back then). fished for bluegills and trout in local streams and ponds with my trusty can of worms. started dabbling in flyfishing back in 82 or so, while living in Weymouth. fished rubbes spiders for panfish,bass and pickerel(sp?). I use to icefish in winter. we had a few iceless winters and I stopped fishing all year till about 1993 or so. I kept hearing about saltwater flyfishing and it caught my imagination. I bought a 9 wt. St. Crouix Imperial and finally used it a year later. it was a disaster, nada, zippo, skunk city!!! then one fateful night under the PowderPoint Bridge in Duxbury... BAM!!! fishon and fisherman hooked! :hehe: :eek: :p :D