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: Help!! Need SA system 8 reel/spool

02-15-2002, 05:58 PM
I currently use a system 8 scientific anglers reel by hardy on one of my fly rods. Ii'm desperately looking for a sppare sspool that's not gooing to break the bank. Ii was qouted $125 from hardy!!!! I only paid $40 ffor the reel, and only want a spare spool. Ii've tried ebay, outlets, just aboout anywhere. THey either want new Hardy prices for them, or haave the wrong size. So, figured one of you either have a spare spool, or a whole reel you want to get rid of. Iif you do, I don't care if it's just a spare spool, or a coomplete reel. Tthe frame on mine isn't the best in the wworld, and couuld just use my sspool as the sppare.

Any help would be appreciiated. I don't have a major mint, so prie is an issue. Ddosn't need to be cosmeticaly perfect, justt needs to work.

Thankss for any help.