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: Atlantic Salmon Diseased Smolts

02-14-2002, 08:34 PM
It was announced early this week or last weeked that one of the hatcheries for the fish farms was distroying 1 1/2 million smolts as the have a highly contageous disease , today another farm admited to 100thousand and counting. I got a bit of a news brodcast where our wonderful governments are aware of many more million fish that have to be distroyed but will not reveal the locations.for whatever reason. The sad part of the original announcement was the were to be disinfected and landfilled from a facility on the Fraser river that dose not have the facilities to contain the slimes or do the remainder of the process. That was stoped but lord only knows where they are now. All hell will brake out to-morrow The Disease is IHN. There is a call now to distroy all farmed salmon Coming from The David Suziki foundation which paid for a complete study on the fish farms which damed them totally in there present form.

I*f it makes money do governments care