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: Cane rods for summer or "forever"

02-05-2002, 10:34 PM
Just curious if there are any other anglers on this board who perfer to use cane for their summer and fall fishing? I, with the exception of one large Canadian river named after a man with the first name of David, have not fished with anything other than cane for six years. Prior to that I found myself using composite less and less as I grew more in tune with my growing collection of cane.
Mind you I am not a collector but when I look at the "Bat rack" I have to wonder------! I always justify it with "Hell they are not making them like this anymore" "they will break if you use them all the time" and where would you be without spares. Be prepared Semper Paratus and all that.
Reminds me of a story I heard a long time ago about a Reclusive old angler who hated everyone I think he did not even like himself. As all who came before and all who will come later he met his final fish and his ultimate demise.
The poor old woman that he had shared his miserable exsistence with was left with but one final wish from the recently departed "Share my rods with no one,bury them with me!" A devoted spouse she did as she was told and only casually mentioned it to myself and maybe one or two others that old Dick had requested that his fine collection of cane be interned in his final resting place.
Well I am a practical sort of fellow and not to leary of Vodoo and the like so I took the liberty of recruiting a small band of brothers to aid in the liberation of poor old Dicks cane rod collection. As he was a local fellow and had spent a great deal of time " in the good old days" in the Dungeness River Valley. So it was decided that he be laid to rest next to that river, in the cemetery on the prometory hill, overlooking the Olympic Game Farm, home to lions, tigers, and bears oh my. Not to mention Rhinos and and Bison and any number of easily startled critters of the night . For obviously if myself and this "Band of Brothers" was to sucseed in our liberation of these fine old cane rods we were going to have to contend with sloving the riddle of keeping all the "wild animals "contented and quiet.
Well in so much as we were to a man all of at least 1/4 Irish extraction or better (meaning more) we were well versed in the seemingly benign and soothing effects of good Irish Whisky (or bad for that matter). And it was surmised after several reconiscence missions and several good bottles of whiskey that there was indeed hope for our plan to liberate "Old Dicks " rods.
A small number of highly motivated commandos with a single purpose and great discipline could pull this off in a heart beat it would obviously take us a bit longer. Which brings us back to the whisky and those pesky animals with all there bellowing and screeching.
In our recon we had noted the water system for all the animals was piped through the same conduit so we knew all we had to do was inject a generous amount of Irish Whisky into the system and all the animals would be in fine spirits and more than willing to let there benefactors have the run of the place without so much as an utterance of protest.
Well with the plan set we we needed only to set a date and make the proper arrangements. It was decided that the New Moon would be more appropiate than the Full one we had it figured that the cloak of darkness would be easier on the animals. We figured also that people would be walking the tidal flats to gather Dungeness Crabs and wouldn't be a real threat anyway on the Full or New Moon.
The Whisky was purchased and the shovels and grub hoes were honed and sharpened to perfection all was in readiness the moon was waning and the night was at hand.
Too be continued!!!!!

02-06-2002, 12:38 AM
Hi Moonlight You have to have more than a little bit of the BLARNEY in your soul to start a wild tale like this and then not let us off the HOOK with the remainder of this tale. Looking forward to the next eposoide.

------- saltRon

02-10-2002, 09:49 AM
Saltron Glad you enjoyed the down payment. I ve been thinking about writing the story down for years,and for many reasons I never had time the outline is in my head and I will (now that I have started) finish it along the way.
Interesting that nobody fishes or at least admits to fishing single handed cane for summer and fall fishing. If this board is a cross section of angler behavior I thought there would be a few takers! If there are no cane rod fishers why do I have to pay so much for old rods? I fear I am being taken the fool.
Imagine thatold Samuel Johnsons famous quote is still valid "A fishing rod is a stick with a hook at one end and a fool at the other".