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: Who knows about classic fenwicks??

02-04-2002, 08:48 AM
I posted thhis on tackle talk, but thought Ii'd post here too. Especially since we haave some BC guys here that can help. I have a very old fenwick fly rod. Iit's a first generation ferralite, from wraps it looks llike aan early 60's vintage. It's an FF112S. Iit's a 9'3" 9-10wt. THe real kicker on this rod, it has a removable 6" butt for it. You add it, it makes it a 9'9" centerpin/spinning rod. It was built for fenwick by algonquin blaanchard. It came with a custom leather case (it's in decent shape, but needs to be reworked sine it has dried out and shrunk a bit). This rod was built with standard casting type eyes for that generation, but a fly tip top. I bought this rod years ago with a very old 1498DA USA made Pflueger. Mind you, in the lates 70's tis rod/reel was old.

Ii'm going to sell it. What do you think the worth on this rod/reel iss? Say as a combo or seperrated. I kkhave seen the vintage Pfluegers go for as much as $50 on ebay, but have never seen a rod like this befoore. Anyone have aa idea??? Any ideas where to find out?