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: Need help pricing old rod/reel

02-04-2002, 12:00 AM
I have an old 60's vintage firs run ferralite Fenwick fly rod. It is a 9'3" 9-10 wt fly rod built for Fenwick by Algonquin/Blanchard in Canada I do believe. The nice thing aboout this rod is you add the 6" extension butt and it dooubles as a centerpin rod. Ccam with an old leather case. Iit's in overal good shape for it's age. Iit came with an oldd Pflueger 1498DA american made reel. I'd say it's probably from same time frame. Iit's showing wear, but stil in faairly good shape. What would you think the combo, or items alone would be worth. I'm about to sell it, just checking it's worth. Don't want to go ebay cycle unlless I have to.