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: Who wants a group float??

02-03-2002, 08:29 PM
Ii suuggested a mini clave since Juro was coming out our way. But how many of you would like to do a group float on one of the local rivers? Say somewhere on the OlyPen? I have not this week, but the folowing week on vacation so could have any daay that wweek. Iif not then, would have to be weekends since UPS is pretty bad about letting us have personal days off.

Thought it might be fun. Something small. Have done floatila's on oother BB's, but usually 10+ boats. What river would yo like? I was thinking maybe one of the Chehlis system rivers, or possibly up the coast (say the Hoh or Quilleyette system). My fiist choices would be the Hoh or Nooch (Wynoochee for those of you unfamiliar). But I'm game to most on the Coast oof Olypen. Heck, I'd like to do ose moore fishing up North Puget Soundd rivers too, bu know what my prospects are over on the coast.

Any ideas or suggestions??? Days and Rivers???

02-03-2002, 09:18 PM
I am up for the Hoh...I love that river too much!!!

I can drag along a few extra Spey rods as well...all Sages-8126, 7141, 9141. I'll dig around the shop and see what other rods say Demo on 'em. :D

02-03-2002, 09:30 PM
Ii'm talking aboout using the rods on the River, not the cute girl thtayou see all th time. :D We could do a Hoh trip. Will e a long day, but Ii've done it before maany a times.

Ddo you by chance carry St Ccroix??? The IF1308 I do believe. 13' 7/8 to be exact??? Have one in a demo?? I have the reel/line, just need to try the rod. In fact bring a sage in the 12-13' 7/8 wt range also. I still suck at spey casting, but can get an idea either way.

We'l maake a plan for week after next. We'll pencil in the Hoh, but let's keep the Satsop/Nooch open. In fact, if you only want to run whme, I can hook up the sled, and we can hit the Lower Nooch (9relatively unfished) and run up the Chehalis up to mouth of the Satsop. My sled i set up to run up river, and can oar down like a DB. Just another option.

02-03-2002, 10:05 PM
We do carry St. Croix but I do not have any St. Croix demos. :( And I have not yet cast that rod so I really could not tell you what it compares to.

I do have the 8126 which is a #8, 12'6" and is a total rocket. I do not have the ideal line for this rod which would be a 8/9 MidSpey but I do have a 8/9/10 WC and you do as well.

I am far from any great caster as well....but since taking that clinic yesterday, my ability has gone up tenfold. I am sure that if you join Juro and the gang for a day or two in a few weeks, you will learn a ton and your casting will become much much better.

How long of a drive is the Hoh from your house? I wouldn't mind the 'Nooch especially if you hook your sled up. Could even sneak in a couple drift rods. :devil:

Would be cool if Rob could make the trip as well...maybe the EF Lewis?? Rob, how are your rivers fishing down your way??

02-03-2002, 10:25 PM
If Rob goes we'll have to take the cat. I only have a two man sled, and adding a 3rd weighs it down instantly (wouldn't be bad if have lost al my disibility weight already). Plus you can ask Brian aka Doublespey, that my boat is only good to fish 2 out of. 3 flyfisherman is a no, 3 bait flingers a maybe.

I'm game. Let's figure something ouut.

02-04-2002, 10:12 AM

The East Fork sucks, not even worth mentioning on the Web!