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: Need Help in Washington Again!

Leland Miyawaki
01-30-2002, 04:02 PM
I am forwarding a letter from Les Johnson re: Mandatory Wild Steelhead Catch and Release.

If you can get some snailmail off in time, it would be terrific.

We're almost over the FIRST hump.



One and all,

It is time to make one final push on the Fish and Wildlife Commission, specifically those members who are either on the fence, or are planning to vote against catch-and-release of wild steelhead in Washington. The following members are voting for catch and release of wild steelhead and do not require a letter:
Dawn Reynolds
Fred Shiosaki
Bob Tuck
Pete Van Gytenbeek

These are the commission members who are either going to vote against catch-and-release of wild steelhead or on the fence and require a letter:
Russ Cahill: Leaning toward catch-and-release
Will Roehl: Leaning against catch-and-release
Lisa Pelly: Waffling on her vote. She apparently has concerns that the tribes will invoke "forgone opportunity" if we pass catch-and-release. If this should happen we will address it through WSC. Forgone opportunity might not even make it through the attorney general's office.
Kelly White: Leaning toward catch-and-release

If your time permits it would be best to send out a letter via the U.S. Postal Service (something that has to be opened and logged in). If your time does not permit, please send an e-mail. The following is a sample letter that you can use. Please do not copy it verbatim. Make a few of your own changes.

Dear Commissioner_____________,

I am writing to reaffirm my request to place all wild steelhead in Washington on catch-and-release status. If there should be any repercussions that may be forthcoming from passing catch-and-release of wild steelhead into law, we are prepared to address them in a professional and expedient manner.

Very Truly Yours,


The Postal address for the Commission is:

(Commissioner's full name)
Fish and Wildlife Commission
600 Capitol Way N.
Olympia, Washington 98501-1091

E-mail address is:
Send e-mail to each commissioner listed above using the sample letter as already stated.

Please get those letters out at your earliest convenience. It is very important. Thanks so much.

Les Johnson
Wild Steelhead Coalition

01-30-2002, 06:06 PM
I would appreciate it if you all could let this call go for now. Les and I have discussed this and decided that it is in the best interest of the cause and the process to not send mass letters at this time.

All input was to be received BEFORE the December 8th hearing. Up until now there has been no big push from the other side to circumvent this process. Given this, it could be counter-productive to deluge the commission with letters. If the situation changes, I will beg you to write then.

Sorry for the confusion in this matter. If anyone would like to discuss this off the board, I would be happy to. I can be reached via private message here or via e-mail at

Duggan Harman
WSC Board President