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: Good News for the Bow River

01-29-2002, 07:49 PM
Snow pack in the mountains, as measured this week, ranges from 115% to 125% of average for this time of year. This is good news since the months when we get the most snow in the mountains are yet to come. We really needed this "above average" snow pack.
Expect that run off on the Bow will be "ON" this year, and start around June 15-20 till July 2-8. (as the upstream reservoirs are filled, more water flows are allowed down the Bow's main channel)
For those of you planning to come to the Bow, think of scheduling your travels accordingly!
The Crowsnest river, south of Calgary, usually has run off two to three weeks earlier and the Elk river in southern BC expects a "normal to above average" run off.
Mid July to mid August should be a blast on all 3 rivers.
For fishing AFTER run off, looks like anytime from July 10 to the end of Oct. will be OK. My best recommendation is the first week of August, all the prime rivers will be in their best shape, large Rainbow spawners will be back in the main river from their runs to the tributaries, they and resident browns should be in fierce fighting shape. I will be a little late for Pikers, but they will still be around in the larger lakes and the chance of hooking up with one of those 15+ pounders is a good bet.