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: Fly Tying Desk

01-27-2002, 12:51 PM
I haave for sale my old fly tying desk. It's nothing big and fancy. Iit's not a rolltop. Iit is similar to what you'll see in alot offlytying mags though. Iit's about 3ft wie and 4 feet tall. You don't sit under the desk like you would with a big rolltop. You actualy scoot up to desk, the fold down the cover of desk to create a platfform. Once you fold down thecover, you have an area to hold your vise (I kept mine on aweighted base I coul slide into the corner when I closed the lid) and al my spols of floss/yarn/tinsel, etc.). Plus I'd keep all my glues and misc non feathes/chenilles up teh. Ddown below the top section iis 2 shelves thtawill hld eithe smaal non rubbermaiid type boxes. The desk is abotu 12 inces deep, so some f the longer rectangluglar boxes would fit nicely. You can either leave youur viise on a stand, or clamp it to front of platform.

This is an old WOOD desk. Not partical board. IT's amahogany color.I've had i since 1980 and was old when I got it. Iit's not fancy, just ano frils desk. $50 fiirm. You'd have to come pick it up, unless you want to pay a freight charge to ship it. So Washington residences wouuld be prefered, but any BC/Oregon guys who want to come get it are welcome iif thy want to drive.