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: Ft. Lauderdale flyfishing opps

01-25-2002, 05:36 PM
Will be in Ft. Lauderdale visiting my finacees parents on thier boat in April. It is docked back in one of the many canals. They have a 22 foot center console whaler I can use while I am there but have no idea what/where/when/how to fish the area by boat.

Will have a 9 weight but that is as big as I have.

Was thinking I could go down to the keys and hire a guide but why do that when I have access to a boat.

Any suggestions on people to contact or places to fish would be most helpful.


01-25-2002, 07:04 PM

Yes that is a good area. Lots of fly fishing opportunities,
I am sure some one on the board will be able to help you out with detailed information.

I was in Miami and West Palm Beach several times on business, no time to fish, but there are lots of salt water bays and canals in the area to fly fish from. With a boat you can go out into Biscayne Bay which is really good. But like anything else you need to know where to go.

Think April is a fairly good time also.

Been dying to get back there myself.

If I run into a good web site will let you know. You will find lots of guides on the web for that area, escpecially for Biscayne Bay.

01-27-2002, 02:13 PM

You might want to poke around some at http://www.floridasportsman.com, including the archives- ought to dig some info up there.

01-27-2002, 09:51 PM
Sean -

I've fished the area twice, from charter boats. I've never fished inside but I'm sure there are snook and tarpon cruising around. The gar are everywhere but I wouldn't want to hook them. Smaller cuda hang inside too.

Certainly if you took a ride down to Pennicamp State Park or even further down the keys you would find all kids of good angling opportunities, but the drive is a couple of hours long and you'd need to get thru Miami (traffic can be bad).

In Ft. Lauderdale as you exit the harbors and inlets there is great structure during tide changes and we saw a lot of baitfish blitz activity that I suspect were small inshore tuna species like albies and bonito.

Once you get out off the beach a ways out, getting around any of the reefs or wrecks there are all kinds of species most notably very large 'cuda in the 5 foot long class. Sailfish are around as well, but the game there is to tease and switch. It's not difficult to find mahi mahi to grab the fly out there particularly if you find some wood or floating debris.

If it were me I would take the boat and work out toward bigger water, staking out places where gamefish ambush bait on dropping tide currents. The most promising areas for this approach seemed to be the outlet to the ocean itself, where any points or breakwaters attracted lots of birds and surface action.

If the seas were calm I would be all over the place looking for something big to hook. I would suspect that the right baitfish pattern would bring a 50 inch cuda to the fly. A nice mahi mahi would not only make your day but your dinner too. King mackeral and spanish mackeral are all over the place in late winter down there, and great eating too. Smaller bonito would be pretty easy to find as well if you get out onto open water.

Sounds like a blast Sean, enjoy and let us know how you do.

Steel leaders like american wire co. are a good idea if there are cuda around. Could be tarpon inside the inlets.